To Be A Career (A Very Clove Story)

To Be A Career (A Very Clove Story)

Yeah, this is The Hunger Games in Clove's POV. I hope you like it. And thank you to IceCreamAndSprinkles for pointing out that I misspelled Career in the title. Thank you.

Chapter 28

To Be Making Endings (And Beginnings)

I watch Cato run through the woods, like he did with the tracker jackers, except he's running in the reverse direction. Katniss is following him, but Peeta's lagging behind. I watch Katniss stop to try to help him as Cato stumbles his way to the Cornucopia. I'm glued to the screen- I can't move, even if I wanted to.

"Clove? Are you okay?" I hear someone ask. Is it Rue? GraceAnne? Glimmer? I don't even care anymore.

"I- I -I'm fine," I stutter out. I swipe away some tears as I watch. He has to make it, he has to. Whoever it is laughs at me, and I get up. Who the hell is this anyways?

It's Fish Face, laughing at the fact that Cato's dying out there in that arena from hell.

"Shut up!" I tell her. But she doesn't. I go over to rearrange her face, but Thresh beats me to it.

He's walking towards her, and I stop in my tracks.

"You leave this girl alone," he snarls.

"Why? You sure didn't," Fish Face replies, her face glowing with glee. I'm going to stab her.

Thresh cracks his knuckles, and glares at her. "She loves him, and you don't tease about that!" he spits. Maybe he isn't too bad. Or maybe someone he loves is dead. Or is in love with someone. But either way, I'm back, glued to my screen.

"Shoot me and he goes down with me," I hear Cato say. Peeta moves his hand, and writes a red X in blood on Cato's hand. He realizes what this means about a second after Katniss does.

The arrow bounces off of his body armor, and he goes to attack her. Maybe he can still win this. But the mutts are back. Something's odd about the mutts, something I can't place. Some of their coats are brown, some are black, some are red, and some are what I can only describe as blonde.

They all have numbers 1-11 on them. There's two of each, except there's only one with a two on it. I look closer at it. The shiny black fur, the blue eyes, the weird dent in the head. The mutt is me. And now I see them. I see Glimmer and Thresh and Rue and GraceAnne. I see Finch and Fish Face and Marvel. I see them all.

"They're us!" I whisper.

"Ya think?" GraceAnne says. I nod.

I watch Cato climb up the Cornucopia to try to avoid the mutts, but they can climb. I see Katniss shoot the one that's supposed to be Thresh, and his mutt falls down dead. I don't make a comment.

The mutts start tearing at Cato, and I start to feel hot tears stream down my face. They're ripping through Cato's armor, and he's screaming. And it's putting me over the edge. I want to cry out for him, do something to make this all stop. He's trying to fight them off, but they've got him surrounded.

The one that's me is leading them, tearing at him like crazy. They're communicating through the yips and howls, I can tell. Cato shoots the one that's Glimmer, and aims his spear for mine. But he drops it. He must be remembering something. Maybe that kiss by the lake. Maybe some other memory. But now he won't kill it.

I can't cover up the fact that I'm crying, and so is Glimmer. Here's the difference. Glimmer's crying obnoxiously loud, and I'm being as quiet as possible when it comes to crying. I can hear her sobs from over here. I'm trying to watch, but with everyone around Glimmer, who's directly in front of the TV, it's hard to see. I stop crying. If Glimmer's being weak, I must at least try to be strong.

Rue breaks away from the group, with GraceAnne directly behind her. They walk towards me, and GraceAnne goes to the lattes. Rue sits next to me, and grabs a blanket for me.

"Thanks," I choke out.

"It's no problem," Rue replies, snuggling into the couch. GraceAnne hands me a latte and sits on the arm of the couch.

We all watch as the mutts destroy Cato. I swipe at whatever tears come. He's still screaming, still fighting, still being so strong as they rip up the body armor. And then it's completely gone, and they're hitting his flesh.

HIs screams are filled with so much pain I almost scream. He's turning to a pile of blood and wounds inside of that damn Cornucopia. I can practically hear the audince in District Tweleve cheering on the mutts. I hate them all.

They camera pans to Katniss and Peeta. Peeta's tired, I can tell. He's almost asleep. Katniss nudges him awake as she tries not to let any emotion show on her face. This is hurting her too. But it's hurting me more than her, I know that much.

The night goes on, with Glimmer's theatrics ringing through the air. I don't drink the latte, I hardly notice Rue next to me. She just asks if I'm okay every now and then.

Why haven't they killed Cato yet? I know he can't win, unless Peeta and Katniss die right now. I just want all of this to end, for his screams to stop. It's morning. I can see the sunlight. He's still alive, but they called off the mutts. I watch as he tries to escape the horn, making slow progress out of it. But he's out, and walking towards somewhere.

I see Katniss appear, staring at the shredded up person that used to be her enemy.

"Please," Cato begs her. I know what he wants, and Katniss lets the arrow fly into his brain, and I hear the cannon.

Cato's going to be here soon. I'll see him, after all of this.

"Alright, I want to see him first. You go second. Got it, Clove?" Glimmer says to me.

"Hell no!" I snap as I slap her across the face. I'm not waiting for anyone, anytime.

Glimmer goes to say something, but then Cato walks through the door.

"Cato!" I shout as I run towards him, and tackle him in a hug. He stays upright, but staggers a little. That's how we sit for a little bit, Cato and I hugging. I've missed him so much, wanted him so badly.

We both let go.

"Hi!" He says, his face lit up in a smile.

"Hello," I say as I lean in. And it's like magic when he kisses me back. When I went into these Games, I wanted victory. I wanted to win, I wanted to live it up. But instead, I got Cato.

And he's all I'll ever need.

And that's the end, people! I'm kind of sad that it's over, but all stories have to end somewhere. Thank you to everyone who ever read, reviewed, rated, favorited, or suggested this story to someone. I love you all!


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