some poetry

jux read(:

Chapter 1

insanity vs confusiion

by: AriaLynn
A person can only take so much confusion; so much spinning.

At some point they have to fallout. When one has never fallen out they

have so much chaos coursing through their minds, at all times of days. The

very cells of their bodies are jumbled. They are no longer sane- they lost

their sanity trying to stop the befuddlement. The very fibers of their of their being

torn by the unnecessary bemusement, brought on by the others they

surround themselves with. Knowing this, we cannot judge them for

neighboring themselves with the ones they do. A life-time of confusion

can damage a persons’ psyche. They become.. familiar with this pother. They

do not know anything else. They only know the disorientation. They know

it's not good for some, but is best for them. With all that turmoil; much

more than a sane person; they have a right to live the way THEY want.

It's what is most necessary to keep the partial print of lucidness. To have even

that tiny - almost insignificant - speck of a sound mind in a mind full of obscureness

is worth ANYTHING. I'd know.


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