Edward finally invites Bella into his world.

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Chapter 1


by: jellybab
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

I smiled down at my blushing bride just before twilight on that warm Tuesday evening, searing the current color of her cheeks to my eternal memory. A smile, cheerless and frail, spread across her dry lips, stopping my breath. Messy, brunette tendrils fanned around her head, which lay limp in the rocky dirt at the edge of our meadow. I was beyond thought, until a tepid breeze arrived and I closed my eyes.

The thumping of her heart penetrated my hard flesh and sustained my next thought, giving the music rhythm...

"/...Something in the way she moves... attracts me like no other lover... Something in the way she woos me.../"

Vividly, I recalled a Beatles song that she and I heard three days before as we returned home from our brief honeymoon. I liked the song, I suppose, but more importantly, I remembered the day those words were first introduced to my cold, companionless ears. Ears that no sweet, succulent little pair of lips sighed into; that no whispered murmurs tickled and lulled with sleepy proclamations of love. Back then, I knew everything, or so I believed. Those vacant words sung by practiced men, they meant nothing to me. All that my literary aptitude had taught me up until that wintry night, so many decades before, was that those words, that that 'she', meant something wonderful, something warm to be cherished, something not intended for me.


I opened my eyes.

"Edward," my wonderful 'she' whispered again faintly, drawing me from my reverie. Her lethargic brown eyes implored me. Her fragile little arms reached up.

I leaned down to meet her. "Yes, my love?"

"Please." It came out as a long, exhausted hiss of breath, and I frowned, my heart broken as she touched my face with eight gentle fingertips and kissed me. I was wasting time.

"Move it, Leech! What are you waiting for? Do whatever it is you do already!"

Anger rocketed to my throat, choking me. I'd be damned if she was going to witness his insolence at such a time. One blow from my fist, a mild one at that, and that dog would shut up, once and for all.

I kissed Bella's still-warm cheek. "Be so still, my Bella," I whispered into her ear in my smoothest voice, hoping to keep her calm, to momentarily "dazzle" her, as she called it, and then jumped to my feet, flying towards Jacob Black, shoving him backwards. "You will mind yourself!"

He sneered and tensed, preparing to fight. "I'll do what I want!" But then his eyes, after glancing around me to her fading body, softened. It didn't surprise me. "Just hurry this up, alright? I'll be quiet."

I exhaled my needless breath. "Then keep everyone away," I said.

"Where are you taking her after?"

I shook my head as I left him; I wished I knew the answer to that. "I'll think of something."

Jacob's impudent tone returned. "Well you better figure it..."

I spun back around. "Enough!" I thundered, and he ground his teeth, his fists clenching as he turned away. I looked at my sister, Alice, then. "Anything?"

She shook her head. "No. You see what I see. But you better hurry still."

My gut turned at the thought of hastening Bella's torment, and my own personal Hell. I glanced around at the rest of my family then, my eyes pained with concern and sudden vacillation, but I didn't have the will to help that now. They all held the very same look, suggesting my same indecision, but their thoughts denoted something else.

"Edward," I heard Bella call again. My phantom heart battered against my chest at the gentle sound of her. Damn it. These minutes were pressing.

"Edward, she's going to die if you don't... She wanted this," Esme reminded to me sweetly, her tone near pleading. Please, I heard her supplicate wordlessly.

Emmett raised his head. "She said it a million times, bro. To me, to all of us. It's what she wants."

"I know," I murmured, and I felt Jasper's restful countenance flow through me.

"Then it's time," Carlisle announced quietly, earning a solemn nod from Jacob and the rest of the pack. The trees around us swayed and bent with the gentle wind, seeming, too, to know Bella's wishes.

I stared at the thick, mossy tree trunk at the root of the tallest Evergreen for a mile, but saw nothing. I closed my eyes. The people around me, they were right. It was time.


"I'm here," I answered Bella and kneeled back down at her side. "I'm here."

To my dismay, Bella began to weep and reached for me. The fear in her eyes disabled my resolve and all my so-called strength. I was putty in her presence, and part of me wished for her comfort, though it was she who needed it now. I had promised she would never be afraid again.

"I don't want to leave you. I don't want to die. Please..."

"I won't let you."

I leaned down closer to her, my face nearing her shoulder, and she froze, pushing me back with frail hands. "Not here," she insisted, shifting her eyes to the crowd behind me. "Just us... Please."

"Of course," I whispered. "Whatever you want, my love." Carefully, I picked her up, cringing when she wailed out in pain. The quarter-sized wound in her stomach began to bleed again, failing to trigger my thirst, to my surprise. A slew of vampires after her, and all this time between us, snake and songstress, and it was her clumsiness that almost took her away from me. I would scold her later, when she could properly pummel me in response if she so chose.

"The morphine will take effect soon," I swore to her, raising her closer to me and nuzzling her temple with my cheek. She was still warm, and I found myself prematurely mourning her heat as I carried her body into our meadow. Behind me, the tangible voices remained quiet but the ones that only found resonance in my busy head murmured and screamed, all unconsciously doubting, wondering if I would bring her back alive and screaming, burning in agonizing pain, or iced over and pallid with the irrevocability of mortal death, emptied of blood.

"Leave us," I shouted, and they all shot off in different directions, creating a protective perimeter around us, running fast and never stopping until I heard little but the chirping of birds and the shallow breath of my new, dying wife. When I reached the center, the world began to spin around me, sending my equilibrium into an oblivion of color and chaos; trees blurred into stretched lines of jade and the sky whirlpooled above us. In the middle of it all, her form wilted in my arms; her limbs, turning lithe, sunk with gravity.

"Bella," I exhaled. There was no harried rush with which I spoke. I simply set her down onto the dewy grass, admiring the way her angel face illuminated faintly with the yellow and white of the flowers that surrounded her. "Bella... I'm going to bite you now." It sounded so formal. Ridiculous. I smiled, remembering every conversation we'd had on the matter, recalling every one of her pleas that I had denied. And Bella smiled, as well, her eyes still shut. Maybe she was remembering, too, but I couldn't be sure, and that frustrated me.

She exhaled as I knelt over her. "Bite me, Edward."

A laugh escaped me, but it was feeble and as unperceptive as she was at times, she could see the hesitation in my eyes. I could see that fact in hers as they opened. Her brow furrowed and she touched my face, stirring every sentiment I felt for her, every one that she had awoken from my very dead soul. "What's wrong?"

"I'll make it as pleasant as I can," I vowed, worried.

"I know you will," Bella smiled gently. "But I can take the pain. To me, you're worth it." She had no idea what she was asking for. Her fingers rose and began to comb through my hair, making gentle fists around my locks, massaging my scalp. She pulled my head down toward her and began placing warm, tender kisses on my cheeks, my forehead, my eyelids. She was about to experience slow death, agonizing and merciless, and she was comforting me. I was bowled over. My love for her swelled then, brimming over, until I very nearly cried, though I could not. Instead, I buried my face in her hair and slipped my hands beneath her, embracing her as tightly as I knew her delicate human body could stand. Still, even now, I didn't want her to meet this end. I didn't want to take her exquisite life, her unique soul. I couldn't bear to be responsible for the annihilation of this beautiful creature, but she chose this, chose me, and then, without even a morsel of doubt, chose the manner with which to have me, the method of her own destruction.

I was a devil on my knees, humbled in worship. And who was I to deny this falling angel her last mortal wish? I would give her anything.

Consciously, I gave Bella's dying body a squeeze, tightening my grip around her and pressing her to me. Her hair hung like silk to the green earth. She was patient as I exhaled the cold air from my lungs and then drew in a measured, very deliberate, sniff of her hair. The scent, as it never failed to be, was extraordinary. Her soft locks tickled my nose, my cheeks, my lips. I would have stayed there, lingering in the warm ambiance of her, for eternity if fate had allowed. I would have died for this one sin.

Lost in rapture, I rose slightly to skim my nose across the smooth skin below her tiny, pink earlobe and down the long, lean muscle of her neck, passing her jaw, so sensual to me as she spoke.

"I wish we could have been with each other once more like this," she said peacefully. Her hands still combed my hair, assisting the summer breeze around us in tousling it.

"I'm so sorry, Bella," I whispered, truly meaning it. Being with her, making love to her, as much control and effort as it took on my part, was the single greatest phenomenon my body and mind had ever experienced; though it was too severe, my ecstasy, to be tried again with her delicate human form. Her warmth became my own. Every part of her engulfed me like a steaming bath, nearly bringing the crystallized molecules that shaped me to a boil. Obliging my promise, I had soaked myself within her, became her, and, likewise, felt her become me; it was unbearable. The closeness, and the intensity of all its sensations, was nearly intolerable to the point of being excruciating, largely due to my heightened senses, once prized that I now cursed. I had to contain myself so that my desire for her, in all manners, did not spill perilously over. But her pleasure, and her fervent whispers, kept me grounded, and I languished quietly.

"I'm ready, Edward."

"I'm not." I returned my lips to her tender human throat, where the strong, thudding pulse of her jugular vain raised her skin repeatedly to meet mine. I pressed my lips there, so warm, to taste her, sure to take in, as I did, the fragrance of the siren blood that coursed beneath, for it would never sing for me again. No more would she possess it to this degree, rich and flowing, pumping with life, coloring her cheeks and keeping her warm, calling me home.


"Bella," I breathed into the young, perfumed flesh at the base of her throat.

"It's going to be all right," she assured me quietly. She was so brave, and I nearly dissolved, so beautifully fearless, even now, dying in our meadow.

My face crumpled. "What if it's not?" All of my most potent fears returned. What if I couldn't stop drinking from her? What if the swoon was too great or as orgasmic as it had been during my first brief taste? I had never taken as much blood as I would need to take from her today and then discarded a live body. They had all died. There was a line, a point of no return, where the frenzy began, when the rapture started, all reason rendered meaningless once that delicious saccharine tang was on my tongue. Once her hot blood, so full of life and nutrient, touched my lips, once I felt it pumping through my veins, ready to marinate my arid flesh with the very nectar that my body craved and thirsted for so much, could I quit? Already my mouth watered. My eyes glazed over in anticipation. There was no other voice of reason here to keep the vampire at bay. That monster I despised was here, and he was ready, wanting her, thirsting for her. Was I strong enough to keep him civil once the line was crossed?

"I trust you, Edward. I love you. I want to join you. It's all I want," the sweetest voice in existence murmured to me, pleading. She was kissing my cheek with her supple, warm lips. "Edward... Love of my existence... if you were an abominable snowman, I would want to be that, too." I laughed quietly into her ear, taking notice of the fact that both her heart rate and blood pressure were falling, her voice quieting. "I just want you, wherever you go, whatever you do, forever." She dug her fingers deeper into my hair, giving my head a sensual squeeze as she whispered so softly to me, "Take me with you." I closed my eyes, wanting to die with her, all over again.

"Anything you want." I hugged her once more and then kissed her warm lips. I wanted to thwart the pain that was coming for her, or, rather, no. I wanted to betray her and send her home to Heaven, but I was too selfish for that. I needed her too much.

The breeze picked up, raining down on us a symphony of whistles and harmonious swooshes. No cold could she feel, for I protected her, as I would for the rest of my life, from the cold and terrifying. I swore this. And I would guarantee this promise kept with this next toxic kiss, our final one as young children in love. The next step was a blood oath. It was mine and hers forever; and Heaven and Hell could not destroy it, or us.

"Bella," I whispered, returning to her ear. "Open your eyes." I wanted her to see the ivory thistles fly and watch them dance with the wind as I tore her blood's lullaby away, away and into myself to perish. She would see the fading blue sky and the way the sun painted a mural of pinks and oranges for her. She would see the wings of the birds as they fluttered and played, and the way the clouds fashioned themselves into her favorite things. It was all for her, this last twilight, these final breaths of her life. She was too young to go, like so many before her. For this, I would mourn her every day and take comfort in the fact that I was more providential than any man who ever lived or died. I had wandered this earth, unpracticed and unloved, for nearly a hundred years before her. It was my price to pay for an eternity with my she. "Are your eyes open?"

"Yes," Bella exhaled, her voice breaking into a tear. "It's so beautiful here, Edward."

"Keep watching, Bella. Don't take your eyes off the horizon. Watch the sun dip below the trees until tomorrow."


"Do you see the thistles?"

"I do."

"Are they flying?"

"They are."

"Do you see the birds?"

"Yes." Her voice trembled. Her body began to shake.

"What are they doing?"

"Two of them are dancing, spinning around each other."

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you, too," she cried.

I felt one of her warm tears fall onto my own cheek but, when I glanced to her, she was smiling up at the sherbet sky, as I'd hoped. I thanked the God, who I was sure had forsaken me, for my window. Keep her peaceful, I implored. Make it beautiful, please. And please, please forgive me.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, pressing my teeth to her willing throat.


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