Hey guys :D

Chapter 1


Haha, I'm not back(though I wish I was...You guys probably don't even remember me ;))
But,anyways, I'm gonna be on Wattpad too, and Quizilla( Quizilla:EvrasGirl123 Wattpad:SKittleFlavoredGleek)
And I'm going to be continuing my stories(eg: Bloody Mary, Twilight shiz, Harry Potter, the works)
But I will NOT be continuing any of my Glee stuff(I get too many idea while watching it, and I want the person to fit in with the seasons and stuff, and she/he can't just go out with the charactesr while they aren't dating the other characters...confuzeddd)

But,yeah, :)

But, how are y'all doin'?

High school blows....

Just got a flu shot(I'm scared of needles >_<)

My phone was dropped into a pool, but I got a cooler one:)

Randomness...oh well.

Writing a book....

Bored as h/ e/ l / l/

Love y'all!


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