Teenage Dream (A Pre-StarKid Story)

I promised it! Here it is!
It's about the StarKids at MY high school, Olathe North, during Senior year! :D
And most of the events are accurate besides the StarKid part... ;)

BTDubs, go read Cassie's story about Joey Pre-StarKid! :D It's called Once In A Life Time and her username is Thatoneawesomekid Nickname is MrsCassieColfer

This is why I named this Teenage Dream:)

Love y'all! ♥

Chapter 33

Epilogue: "It makes it significantly more significant." -Pence about literally anything

Four Years Later

"YOU MADE IT!" Meredith yelled, hugging me tight. "I'm so glad you're here!"
I laughed, hugging her back. "I missed you! Does he know?!"
"Nah. I think everyone except him knows."
"Excellent." I finally pulled away. "I wish I could have come early."
"You missed opening night. So what? You're going to see at least three shows. Matt and Nick think we should add a show or two."
"Jesus. I don't have that much money!" I brushed my hair out of my face. "I had to travel here last minute!"
"Eh, you'll be backstage at some point during one of the shows. Plus. The star's girlfriend isn't going to be denied entrance!" Mer laughed and pulled me towards the booth door. Once inside, I saw Corey, the Langs, and Brian look up.
"HI!" I hugged them all, ending with Brian. "I ran into Brooks."
"And you survived?!"
"Nope, I am but a ghost." I waggled my fingers and mumbled; "Spooookyyyy!"
Brian rolled his eyes and turned back to Corey, the set designer and stage manager major they met here at UMich. He was pretty cool, and I got along with him every time I visited my friends.
I had spent a year in Chicago, but decided it was too expensive, and moved to Lawrence back in Kansas with Emily and Lanie. I took a couple of community college courses, but I wasn't in a rush to get a degree. I had no clue what I wanted yet.
But hopefully Darren and I could talk it out over the summer and decide where he wanted to go and if it was possible for me to join him. Four years after high school, we were still together.
I couldn't be happier.
Well. I mean. If he was closer, then I would be happier. But...
"I can't believe you kept the secret this long," Meredith told me, then pulled me into the house, sitting in the middle so Darren probably wouldn't see me.
We chatted for a few more moments before my roommates entered the auditorium and scurried to sit next to us.
"Hey!" She leaned over to hug them. "Did you guys enjoy the tour?"
They had decided to tour around Ann Arbor cause the only couple of times they've been here, they hadn't gotten to see the pretty town. I only got here about half an hour earlier than them.
"Yeah!" Lanie smiled. "We saw where you guys filmed that first scene of that project Eric entered in a competition!"
"Little White Lie?"
Emily nodded, turning her camera for Mer to see the pictures she took.
"These are awesome! Hey! You should help Liam take pics! You're both photo majors!"
Emily looked up to see the curly haired boy our friend pointed out. "Well, I mean, we'll be back for another show. I really wanna see this. Harry Potter: the Musical seems like the best thing ever."
I smiled, looking at the program in my hands. The front was a picture of Harry, who was being played by Darren, riding on his guitar instead of a broom. The inside was only a few pages, short biographies for the cast and crew.
Darren Criss has been a part of theatre for almost his whole life. One of his favorite musicals was Hairspray where he played Link at his high school's production. He has been involved with many shows at Basement Arts including Judas Iscariot and Pride and Prejudice. He would like to thank his parents, his brother Chuck, all of his friends, and his "fv.cking adorable girlfriend".
I laughed as I pointed it out to my seat mates.
Soon the lights were out and I recognized their friend, Bonnie's, voice starting a prologue.

"Yeah, thanks for coming to see the show!"
I smiled, leaning against the wall while Darren said goodbye to a few more fans. "Hey, yo, Harry!"
He spun around to say hello to his new fan, but his face broke out into a bigger smile. "YOU SAID YOU COULDN'T COME!"
I would have answered, but he picked me up in a hug so tight, I was surprised to still be breathing. Finally, he let me down and I could speak. "Yeah, the boss had a change of heart and gave me the weekend off. So I decided to pack up the roommates and have my sister cat-sit. I cou--"
He cut me off with a kiss. "I miss you."
"I missed you, too, Darr." I smiled and touched his face. "I should let you say hi to the other fans. Tonight, I'll be all yours. Be Harry for a little while longer."
"Fine. But you said it. You're all mine tonight."
"I know."
With a grin and another kiss, he let me go to greet a group of fans. I watched affectionately for a little bit before going off to find Walker and Devin.

"Mm, I really missed this..."
I laughed, snuggling closer to his warm body. "Yeah, well, I always assumed we were pretty good in the makin' love department."
Darren laughed back at me and kissed the top of my head. "Hey, so, uh... You said you were mine tonight, right?"
"Will you be mine tomorrow?"
"Always, Darren. I'm yours. You should know that by now."
"Humor me." He licked his lips. "In a week?"
"A month?"
"Only you," I whispered. Of course I was a little confused...but...
"A year?"
"Darren, I'll be all yours."
A moment went by in silence.
"What was all that about?" I asked him.
He shrugged. "Future reference."
I let out a sigh. "Darr..."
He smiled and kissed me. "Get dressed. We need to go on a walk."
I blinked a few times, processing what he was saying and getting up. Soon, we were fully clothed and out the door. We walked in comfortable silence for a while, hand in hand, then Darren decided to turn on his music from his phone.
"I love this song," I told him. Obviously, he knew that. He knew my favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast.
"Since we came to this poor, provincial town, good morning, Belle!" He poked my nose as he said that and he kept singing as we went. I joined in, but quieter. Darren was better at singing, and I definitely liked to hear him. "Oh, isn't this amazing!" We had stumbled onto a park with a small fountain that kinda resembled the one in the movie. "It's my favorite part, because you see... Here's where she meets Prince Charming," I poked his nose back as we sang that part. "But she won't discover that it's him, till chapter three..."
We kept walking and singing until we got to a bench. He motioned for me to sit.
"Right from the moment when I met her, saw her... I said she's gorgeous and I fell! For in town, there's only she, who's as beautiful as me... So I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle."
He was on one knee, and he turned his music down so it was in the background. A box was pulled out of his pocket.
"The first time I met you, I was wearing a Toy Story shirt. So it was already a magical Disney day. But, I thought you looked a lot like Belle. Of course, when we were in seventh grade, it was a little too early. When we got to sophomore year, I took a look at you again and said, 'That's Belle. In real life'. But I was dumb." He smiled, making me laugh a little. "Senior year rolls around and we have the dumbest fight cause I wanted to get into one of those blonde girl's pants. Once again, Belle was there. Smart and pretty. And then I got the courage I needed. It definitely helped that you picked that movie when you did. Beauty and the Beast was on, and we were too lazy to turn the DVD player off. I took my chance." He opened the box. "Geena, I love you. And I want our story to be a tale as old as time. Will you marry me?"
"Darren..." I smiled, the tears coming to my eyes. "I already told you. I'm yours. Yes."
He grinned and slipped the ring on my finger. He stood up to kiss me and hold me. "I love you."
"I love you, too!"
When we broke apart, I started looking at the ring. "Like it?"
"Darr, it's beautiful..."
A silver band, in the middle a rose. And in the very center of the rose, a diamond.
"There's, uh, an inscription..."
I slipped it off to read Song as old as rhyme. I kissed him again after sliding the ring back on.
"Now our wedding has to be Beauty and the Beast themed. Or I'll settle for Harry Potter."
He laughed. "Alright. Sounds wonderful, babe."
I pulled out my phone and took a picture of me and my new fiance, hand held so you could see the ring. I immediately sent out the photo to Emily and Lanie, Meredith, Diane, Cassie, Serena, Addie, and Pence.
Almost a minute after I sent it, I got a text from our old director.
I can hear the bells.

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