101 Scary Stories

Hi again. This is like 101 Pranks. Every time you comment I'll add a chapter. Here goes those scary stories:

Chapter 1

Mel's Notebook

by: EcoDude
Mel want shopping at a store with her mom (she was about nine). She spotted a red spiral notebook and pointed it out. It was on super-sale for 5 cents, so they got it.

The next day, Mel showed it to her friends at school. They all thought it was awesome.

During free time, she took out her notebook and turned to the first page. She gasped. Who would do such a thing? Written in red ink were the words:

You will never own me, whatever you do
You'll soon be dead, head to bottom of shoe.
If you stay up late tonight
You may even die of fright.
I'm waiting,

Why was it written in red ink? Nobody had red pens in her class-- They only had blue ones.

The next day, nobody knew what happened... Except that Mel was dead and the notebook, lying open beside her, written with her blood, read, "Do believe or I will get you".

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