This is a fictional story I wrote about a disabled kid from Louisiana finding himself lost in Minnesota where he has to use the most different of people to help him home where some might not be the most helpful.

The places in this story are real. None of them, I've been to myself. (Im doing research on everywhere I randomly pick. If you realize any mistakes, tell me!)


Chapter 1


by: dat_nerd
There was Reserve that small town I grew up in. It was in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana on the Mississippi thirty miles from New Orleans. We had no government, none of the parish did. The town had a railroad, a few highways, and of course, a port. None of this, though, I knew until I was fourteen.

My name is Paul Robert. I was an only child, being the son of a man working at the petroleum complex the town over. We didn't have much money, so my dad wasn't able to help me. When I was six, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I was about to start elementary school, but my dad knew I wouldn't survive so he made my mom teach me and I was never allowed to leave the house because he said I wasn't able to help myself. I wasn't stupid though, I just couldn't focus. I never stopped moving. I had to at all times. I could hardly concentrate when my mom taught me, but I could somehow connect. I never got how though.

Years passed and passed and I started to realize how my dad was ashamed of me. I knew he couldn't stand me. I can't even remember him once talking to me when I was eleven. My mom was strong, but she would have nothing without him. She's lucky having at least next to nothing.

It was two weeks after my fourteenth birthday. I was sitting on the couch that morning and my dad came to me.

"You wanna go on a trip?" he asked.

"Where to?"


I was surprised. This man was keeping me in the house and now he's taking me far up north? (I knew where Minnesota was. I was able to concentrate somedays.) I was confused but I decided to go because I would finally get to go outside. He took me in the car and we drove North.

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