The Boys Who Loved (A DOUBLE Hogwarts Love Story)

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Chapter 40

First DADA Class of the Year

"Come on Sam, you can't still be upset!" Rynn said.
"And why can't I?" I asked stubbornly.
"Because you can't change the rules! Besides, the Tournament is extremely dangerous. I wouldn't want any of my friends in there!" she shivered.
"But it would have been fun." I mumbled.
"Oh just come on. Cheer up, maybe the twins' Aging Potion will work!" Rynn coaxed, dragging me to DADA.
"Alastor Moody, ex-Auror. And now, your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I'm here because Dumbledore asked. That's it, case closed, end of story. Any questions?"
I looked over at Seamus next to me with wide eyes. He shrugged cautiously, continuing to chomp on his gum.
"Today's lesson will be on the Unforgivable Curses it comes to the Dark Arts, I believe in a practical approach."
Rynn sent me a frightened stare before returning her attention to the front.
"Can someone tell me how many there are?" Moody asked, writing on the chalk board.
Hermione raised her hand.
"Three, sir."
"And why are they named so?"
"Because they are unforgivable." she answered.
"Correct. Since I've been given permission from Dumbledore, I've been passed to perform these for you. Though the Ministry advises me not to, I need to show you what your up against!" Moody said, furiously writing on the board.
Meanwhile, Seamus toyed with his gum, prying it off of his fingers and attempting to put it on the bottom of his desk.
"You need to find another place to put your chewing gum besides the underside of your desk, Mr. Finnagin!" Moody said. He still faced the board.
"No way, the old codger can see out the back of 'is head." Seamus mumbled to me. I snickered quietly in return.
"I can hear across classrooms!" shouted Moody, "And as for you, Ms. McCartney, it would be best for you not to follow along with your little boyfriend. You'll find yourselves both in Saturday's detention with me!"
"And no-one wants that." I grumbled.
"Detention, Ms. McCartney. And for you as well, Mr. Finnagin!" Moody ordered, returning to the board.
"What? What for?!" I demanded, standing out of my chair.
"For disrespecting your professor. Now sit!"
I did as I was told, crossing my arms while doing so.
"Back to the lesson at hand here. Who can name one of the curses?" Moody asked.
Nobody answered.
"Yes?" Ron whimpered.
"Stand," He did as demanded, "Give us a curse."
"Well, my Dad did tell me about one; the Imperius Curse." Ron announced.
"Ah yes. A spell that has given the Ministry a lot of grief." Moody said.
He walked awkwardly over to his table. Reaching into a container that I couldn't see, Moody opened his hand to reveal a large spider.
"The Imperius Curse gives total control to the caster. They can cause them to do anything. Loads of wizards and witches have said they were under this curse when committing crimes of You-Know-Who." Moody explained darkly.
He proceeded to point his wand at the creature, muttering the curse. In seconds, the spider was whizzing around in whichever direction Moody's wand pointed. Landing on desks, crawling up students arms (Which I'm glad I wasn't a part of).
The atmosphere soon became slightly dark and quiet when Moody directed the spider towards a bucket of water.
"Well then, the next Curse?" Moody questioned.
Again, there were no answers
Neville stood up, shaking slightly. Rynn gave his hand a quick squeeze next to him.
"There's the um the Cruciatus Curse." Neville stammered out.
"Great! Come, come." Professor ordered.
Neville hesitantly walked forward to the table where the spider was resting, Moody standing over it.
"The Cruciatus Curse; brings excruciating pain to the one it's casted upon."
With that, Moody pointed his wand at the helpless creature, muttering the curse.
The spider seethed in pain. Neville cringed being so close to the scene, tears threatening to spill over. Yet Moody barely to seemed to notice; in a trance.
I started to get irritated at how affected Neville was yet he didn't mind. Apparently Rynn was too.
"Stop! Professor Moody!" Rynn yelled, standing.
"Can't you see how upset he's getting?" I replied, standing as well.
Moody looked to Neville, who was still staring at the pained spider, a few tears falling.
"Right, but that's enough from you in one day Ms. McCartney. Longbottom, take your seat. Ms. Sheafer, you have no right to speak out of turn either; this is a warning." Professor said.
I huffed, sitting back down. Rynn looked Neville over and then took her seat.
"Ms. Sheafer, could you give us the last Curse?"
Rynn looked at Neville's shaken figure once before shaking her head.
"Right then; Avada Kedavra!"
The spider lay limp now, dead, on the table.
"There is only one person to ever have survived the Killing Curse. And he's right here in this room." Moody explained.
All eyes instantly went to Harry, who stared back at Professor Moody.
"Class dismissed and don't forget your detention Ms. McCartney and Mr. Finnagin." Moody said.
We all packed our things, leaving the class room.
It was mad to think any wizard would do such things to anyone with these spells. Especially to people like my own parents.

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