How To Know You're Obsessed With The Beatles!

read the title dude
P.S. i got most of these ideas off you tube videos :P

Chapter 1


1. When you replace your own name with the name of a Beatle or a name from one of their songs :)

2. When you look for the Beatles in the index of you text books (I'm guilty)

3. When you miss a good chunk of a movie because you are left dwelling on the Beatles reference made earlier in the movie (Guilty as charged ;))

4. You can give the play by play of any scene of their movies on the spot (I can!)

5. You blame the Beatles for your high standards when looking for a significant other ;)

6. When the 1960's are mentioned in class you expect the Beatles to be mentioned right after

7. You know exactly when John's eye twitches in Help!

8. When you make music videos with their songs (I did! Strawberry fields!)

9. When your significant other MUST be a Beatles fan or at least respect them

10. you're pretty amazed that your friends and family still talk to you after all this time of you never stop talking about the Beatles (I know I am!)

11. When someone insults the Beatles you are ready to fight!

12. You name things after the Beatles ALL THE TIME (I do!)

13. You buy anything that vaguely resembles anything the Beatles once wore

14. The Beatles are a permanent statement in your wardrobe

15. You walk across the street like them and you get come together stuck in you head

16. When your friends think you're crazy

17. When you insert the Beatles names into songs, or you insert your name into a Beatles song

18. When you get you family into the Beatles to the point where they can quote them

19. you want to build a time machine to go back to the 60s just because of them (i would go to February 7th 1964 JFK air port terminal 3!)

20. During the 1st week of school when the teachers ask you to say something about yourself or fill out a survey the Beatles always are on it.

21. you try to work the Beatles into every school project and paper you do

22. When people walk up to you and tell you that John Lennon is dead like you don't know that (this has happened to me SOOOOO many times!!!)

23. People will tell you random Beatles facts, and your like bro I know

24. You don't mind finding holes in your pocket

25. You tend to stay away from people who put 'Magic' in front of their name

26. You find snowmen with umbrellas dangerous

27. In history class you memorize dates in Beatles terms (ex. Fact: the Philippines was captured in May 1942. you: the Philippines was captured a month before Paul was born)

28. You are known as a hippie and people assume you like drugs

29. When you walk down stairs very quickly you get 'Can't Buy Me Love' stuck in your head

30. If you ever find an open field you tend to have the urge to run and skip in it

31. When ever the time arises and you have to jump, you jump like the Beatles during AHDN

32. When making a silly face you mock the ones The Beatles made in AHDN

33. When running you get 'A Hard Day's Night' stuck in your head

34. When you see a group of people (usually 4) someone is "the Ringo', 'the George', 'the Paul' and 'the John'

35. When you wear a Beatles shirt people ask you 'do you even know who the Beatles are?' (happens to me sooo much!)

36. You quotes them constantly

37. The background on your phone, computer, i pod any anything else is Beatles related

38. When asked who your celebrity crush is, you say a Beatles name

39. If you step on a beetle you say "OMG i killed Paul/Ringo!"

40. You get mad when people say Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is about LSD

41. you constantly look for pictures and videos of them

42. the 'Top 25 Most Played' play list on your i Pod is all Beatles songs

43. You are in a mall restaurant, etc. and you can hear the faintest tune of a Beatles song

44. You have dreams about them

45. You write Beatles fan-fiction

46. you own several pieces of Beatles paraphernalia

47. You can relate almost anything to The Beatles (like random objects, etc.)

48. You know every song lyric

49. You know the most obscure facts about them

50. You've tried to talk with a Liverpudlian accent

51. You refer to yourself as Mrs. Lennon/ McCartney/ Harrison/ Starr

52. You want a pair of Beatles Boots

53. You have taken pictures of the Beatles and put your face next to them thanks to photo shop

54. You think Mark David Chapman deserves the death sentence.

55. When you write in block letters it winds up looking like either their logo font or the Yellow submarine font

56. You make quizzes/ blogs/ websites/ drawings/ of/ about them

57. You celebrate their birthdays

58. you wear black on December 8th and November 29th

59. You would go to Liverpool for vacation before anywhere else if you had the option to go anywhere in the world

60. You want to name you children after them or have a Beatles related name

61. you would name your pet after them (I'm naming my pet ferret Ringo!)

62. your favorite video on you tube has to do with them (mine is Paul McCartney being funny and cute :))

63. Your ring tone is a Beatles song

64. When you go to type 'Ring' you accidentally type 'Ringo'

65. Several of you user names and passwords have to do with the Beatles

66. You might be a vegetarian because Paul George and Ringo are

67. You fall asleep listening to them

68. If you have optimum you frequently hit the c button and search for the Beatles

69. When making eggs you have to listen to Yesterday

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