Yours? (A Slave Love Story) Read Intro!

Heeeey so this is my sorta slave love story thingy-ma-bob! I reeeeeeeeaaaaallly hope you like it! Please rate and comment!

Anyway here's the description.

Name: Trayton Morrison (Idk made it up)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical features: Dark brown hair, straight (sorta like Alex Evens') Dark chocolate brown eyes. Soft smooth skin. Thin. Strong. Intimidating. Rich (Yeah I know not really original)

Btw your 17 :)

PS this is made for Ryan :)

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

by: stopomg
Then the door swung open, revealing the most gorgeous man (well teenager I guess. Lol) you had ever seen.
Dark chocolate brown eyes stared down into yours. It was hypnotizing. You were in a trance. He was the first to break his gaze.
"Hi _, I'm Trayton. Come inside" he said almost emotionless. You nod meekly and get out. You start to walk towards the trunk, when his hand grabs your wrist. It's weird, his hand is almost....cold. "It's fine Peter:one of our butlers, will take your bags in for you." he said. "Okay" you replied. One?!? Holy $h!+ this guy is loaded!
As you follow him down the stone pathway, you notice that you are heading towards a mansion. No not a mansion more like a small, modern castle. As you enter the door you almost stumble in amazement. To your left stood a medium sized, sea blue waterfall. To your right, a huge crackling fire place. In front of you (a little to your left) was a huge glass dinning table. And even further in front of you stood a set of white marble stairs. The floor was a shinny, pine-tree brown. As you stare in awe, from the corner of your eye you see Trayton smirking. You snap out of it and look over to him. "Uhmm...I'm __
" you mumble. "I know, now follow me" he orders sternly. "Okay"
You follow him up the stairs and into one of the many rooms. Inside you see a huge king sized bed with multiple pillows and satin sheets. There was also a walk in closet, a huge window, an oak bookshelf, a desk (complete with laptop and any other writing supplies), and a side table next to the bed (with a clock, lamp and Ipad).
When you finally broke your gaze, you felt someone's hands at your waist, pushing you up against a wall. even though you were wearing a sweater and T-shirt, you could still feel his ice-cold hands firmly gripping your waist.
You see Trayton, his lips at your neck.
Okay you think As much as I could enjoy this, I JUST met him. No way is this happening
You push him away, disgusted.
"GET OFF OF ME!" you shout at him. You push him off roughly. He looks up at you with anger in his eyes.
He pushed you against the wall once more, but this time he turned you around brought his face close to your ear.
"You will NEVER shout at me or shove me." he whisper-yelled. You squirmed out of his grip and elbowed him hard in the ribs. He yelped out in pain.
Okay you gotta admit, I have a pretty fierce attack...
While he was bending over in pain, you kicked him in the back so he rolled on the hard wood floor.
You quickly dashed out of the room leaving him in agony. You ran down the stairs and you were about to run out the front door when someone sprinted in front of you, blocking the door. And who other than Trayton....

PS well did you like? Please tell me! Sorry it took so long!

PPS I need 5 NEW comments to continue! ;) Thanks!

PPPS Thanks so much to Nikki my amazing friend on Quibblo. :) Add her she's amazing!

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