Yours? (A Slave Love Story) Read Intro!

Heeeey so this is my sorta slave love story thingy-ma-bob! I reeeeeeeeaaaaallly hope you like it! Please rate and comment!

Anyway here's the description.

Name: Trayton Morrison (Idk made it up)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical features: Dark brown hair, straight (sorta like Alex Evens') Dark chocolate brown eyes. Soft smooth skin. Thin. Strong. Intimidating. Rich (Yeah I know not really original)

Btw your 17 :)

PS this is made for Ryan :)

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

by: stopomg
In a breathy voice he said
"That's you punishment."
Then, he walked away.
The Next Day
The next day, you got up and took a long shower. You chose a pair of denim shorts and a grey tank top from the ENORMOUS closet. Then you opened your laptop and logged into your Facebook.
1 Message
You opened it and saw it was from Kyle.
Hey Babe. How you doing? :) It read. You felt a stab of guilt in your heart. He still cared about you. You HAD to kill any feelings whatsoever for Trayton.
One, because Kyle deserved better.
And two, because he was a total JACKA$$

I'm doing great But, I reallllly miss you! :'( You typed back, deciding not to tell him about Trayton. You sighed, closed the laptop and walked out the room.


You decided to explore the house. You weren't going to let him spoil your stay here.

You went down stairs. There were about seven different doors once you reached the bottom of the stairs. Eenie, meenie, minee that one. You decided. You opened the blue door. You gasped. Inside was a room so big it made your room look like a walk in closet. It had a plasma TV, and an xbox.
You continued to explore. You discovered, a retro room, 3 rec rooms (complete with GIGANTIC tv's and game consoles), 6 Bathrooms, An outdoor golf course, an arcade, about 40 (Okay maybe a bit less) rooms.

This guy is fvcking unbelievable

You climbed up the main stairway. In front of you you found a two oak doors. As you looked closer you saw there was a gold (of course) plate on one door that read, "Master".

-.- I really hate this guy you thought

You timidly cracked the door open, and looked in. It was dark and quiet.
"Hello??" you called softly.
No one answered. You walked inside fumbling for a light switch. When you found on an the light turned on, you gasped in astonishment. It was FLABBERGASTING! (Love that word Lol)
It had dark wood floors, and lots wardrobes and drawers. A giant T.V sat in front of his enormous bed. God, this is amazing you thought.
To the left of the room was an oak door leading to a GIGANTIC bathroom.
It had a black marble counter with his and hers sinks. The two people shower was enormous. (It sort of disgusted you though.)
You walked back out into the room.
"Have fun snooping?" he asked. You gave him a dirty look and started to walk out.
He ran to the door before you could open it.
You sighed.
"Come on Trayton, get out of my way." you told him. "Be nice" he warned.
"I SAID GET OUT OF MY WAY!" you yelled.
You shoved him, hard.
He easily grabbed you by your shoulders and pushed you against the brown wall. His gorgeous face flashed anger, but then turned into a devilish grin.
"Did you enjoy last time's punishment that much? That you just had to get into more trouble?" he smirked leaning down.
No, no NO! you thought.
And then his lips were on yours. And for some reason.....It felt right. Like you him. But...This was wrong.
You pushed him. He didn't budge just kept kissing you.
"Mmmphhh" you protested against his soft lips. He pulled away, about a centimeter from your mouth.
"Don't act as though you don't like it" he whispered huskily. You shivered and he brought his mouth to yours once more.
Finally he let go.
You stared at him through curious eyes. Then you snapped back to reality, pushed his hands away from you, and walked off to your room.


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