stay strong for lauren

this is a story about my friend named lauren

Chapter 1

laurens accident

like a month ago my friend lauren got in a really bad car accident... she was going to be a senior this year. the guy that hit her is a junior. they both go to my school.. well right now only he does... the guy was known for speeding.. one day lauren was leaving her house the guy was going down her rode she thought she had enough time to pull out but she didnt... the guy hit her he was speeding going 60 down a rode you were supposed to be going 30.. she was flown to a hospital.. the other guy was perfectly fine. she is still in a coma.. she has been in a coma for a month now but she is doing better. she opened her eyes for a little bit one day.. the doctors let her go outside on day in her wheelchair all strapped up... i saw a picture and started crying :( i just miss her so much.. we have a bunch of funraisers for her.. we sold shirts and rist bands and glow sticks... she was sent to a hospital in chicago.. it is $200,000 a month for her to go there.. she has her own website that her mom posts on every day about how she is doing.. and the guy doesnt even feel bad about it. he can up to my cousin the next day when he was playing basketball and he was like "like my new ride" my cousin said he just wanted to go punch him in the face...please everybody just pray for her.. i miss her so much... and please dont ever speed..


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