Black Heart

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Chapter 1

only chapter

Funny how far I’ve come from the little boy that I was, from the innocent little one who still believed in love and thought that it was real but in reality love is an emotion and emotions are all an illusion. People spend there whole lives searching for love that is not there. Because the people that are looking for love are the ones who have never really experienced the feeling of being crushed by one they love and to experience real true love you must first be crushed by one who you thought that you loved and until you have been crushed by one you love you cannot have true love and happiness. And to all the teens out there who think they have found love unless you’ve been crushed by one you love you haven’t found true love. I’ve been crushed and I was at the point where I was going to die but I found someone that truly loves me and I know that its true love because we have both been crushed by ones that we thought loved us and we make each other so happy and there is nothing that will keep us apart.


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