Back In Time

A Story for Seri_Black

Chapter 6

Meeting Severus Snape

I walked back into the castle, thinking about mine and James’ kiss.
It couldn’t mean anything, could it?
I mean, he got with Lily, didn’t he?
He had to! Or else Harry wouldn’t be born and I’d be down a best friend!
If you fall for James you’ll just get your heart broken, like all the other girls, a snide voice in my head told me. I was reminded unpleasantly Professor Snape.
Speaking of Professor Snape, I was surprised I hadn’t bumped into him yet. I mean, I’d met Lily.
But…then again…we were in sixth year, so the whole, “Mud-blood,” incident must have already happened.
“Hey! It’s Brooke, right?”
I turned on the spot. Seri was coming up behind me, dodging students on her way.
“Oh, hi Seri. Yeah it’s Brooke.”
“So, what class do you have next?”
I pulled my schedule out of my bag and looked at it. “Potions with Slughorn.”
“Oh, he’s a prick!” Seri proclaimed, throwing her arm procariously around my shoulders.
“I know.”
“Hate it, need it; can’t be an Auror without it, so that’s worth it right there.”
“You want to be an Auror too?” I questioned.
“Of course!! I want to do my part to vanguish You-Know-Who and his followers!”
“Vanguish…” I mused. “Cool word.”
“Thanks. I got it from Lily.”
“She’s a genius.”
“Yep, pretty much.”
We continued walking in companiable silence until we got to the dungeons.
“Good afternoon, Professor Slughorn,” Seri said politly.
“Good afternoon, Miss Hennessy,” he replied jovily. “Oho! And who is this charming young woman?” he added, turned to me.
“hello, I’m Brooke Rivers. I’m the new exchange-”
“The new exchange student, yes! Dumbledore mentioned you! Said you were a sepctaular witch, gifted in magic and a delight to the eyes, as well. I cane see he correct on the latter, but let’s start the lesson to see if he is correct on the first!”
“You are to gracious, Professor.”
“Go sit there, Miss Rivers, next to Mister Snape.”
I turned on my heels to look where he was pointing.
There was a long, black haired boy immersed in his textbook.
I walked over to him, held out my hand, and said, “Hello, my name is Brooke Rivers. Professor Slughorn told me to come and sit next to you. What’s your name?”
“Severus Snape,” he mumbled, not looking at me.
“It’s nice to meet you.”
This is going to be a fun lesson, I thought.

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