Pureblood, mud blood, bloodtraitor

Once again my character!
Name:Rosala Lee aka Rose
Friends:Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George
Enemies:Draco (but not for long), Pansy, Blaise
Appearance:long black hair, 5'3,
Personality:shy, kind, caring, honest,emotional,
Pet:yellow cat name twinkie, small blank and white owl name penguin
Relatives:Godfather- Severus Snape, godmother- Lily Potter (deceased), godbrother- Harry Potter,
birthmark of a rose on the nap of her neck, by her right shoulder

Chapter 2

5th birthday, first time magic

A/N: Thank you to PrincessMononoke for spotting my typo and telling me! As I reread the first chapter, I also spotted another minor typo but it's fixed now. This chapter is when she first met Draco and the first time she did magic. Romance won't come for a couple more chapter so bear with me! Enjoy!

Snape's point of view (pov):

"Papa get up!!" I heard someone yell in my ear. I opened my eyes and saw Rose staring down at me, it was her 5th birthday and I guess she couldn't wait to go out and celebrate. I promise her that I was going to take her to the Malfoy's since I haven't seen or talk to them since the downfall of the dark lord. Rumours were that they had a son around her age and I wanted him and Rose to be friends. "Papa. We're gonna be late if you don't hurry." I got up and trudged to the bathroom. She could tell that I was still sleepy so she went to get her water gun that I gave her last year and squirted it in my face.

"Why you little..." I walked towards her. She thought I was going to scream at her so she ran towards my bed and hide underneath the blanket. "Come here you!" I lounged towards her and tickled her into laughter.

"Papa. Stop." She giggled. I let go of her and told her to get change to leave. When she left the room, I got ready then went down to cook breakfast. I whipped up some chocolate chip pancakes and laid them on the table as she walked in. "Chocolate chips pancakes!" She sat on her chair and started to scarf the food down.

"Wow slow down there Rose, I don't want you to choke now." She smiled up at me, chocolate stain by her lips. I made myself some oatmeal. I wasn't much a fan of sweets unlike Rose who would eat anything that has sugar in it. As we finished we got ready to leave to the Malfoy's. "Okay Rose, hold on to me and don't let go." I picked her up. I have apparated with her so many times that she knew what was going to happen. She hugged me tight not letting go. With a turn we appeared in front of Malfoy mansion. I placed Rose down and we walked over to the door. Slowly the door opened to reveal a house elf.

"Master Lucius has asked Dobby to escort Master Severus and Mistress Rosala in." The house elf bowed low so that his pointy nose barely touches the ground. We followed him into the living room where my old friends Lucius and his wife were sitting.

"Ah. Severus. How nice of you to join us today." Lucius got up and came over to hug me. He looked down at Rose and smiled. "Your daughter I presume." He bent down to be eye level with her. "And what's your name little one." Rose was scared as she hid behind my leg.

"Sorry Lucius. She's pretty shy around strangers. I haven't let her out of the house these past years." I picked her up. "Say hello to Uncle Lucius honey."

"Hello." Rose waved her hands. She then spotted the house elf again and wanted to be put down. I placed her on the ground and she ran towards the house elf. "Dobby!" She squealed as she pulled his ears.

"Sorry about that Dobby. She's never seen a house elf before." I chuckled.

"It's alright master Severus sir. Dobby will keep Mistress Rosala happy." Dobby grinned,

"My, you have gone soft Severus." Lucius smirked. "So who are the real parents of the child? Clearly she's not yours. You look nothing alike."

"She was left on my doorsteps by some muggles." I lied. I couldn't tell him the truth. I couldn't tell him that Lily Potter was the godmother and that Harry Potter was her god brother. Even she didn't know any of this.

"A muggle daughter?" Narcissa, Lucius wife spoke up from where she was sitting with a little boy by the fireplace. "How low have you sunk." She left the room. The little boy sat alone by the fireplace playing with his mother's wand.

"Ah. Let me introduce to you my son. Draco, come." The little boy got up and walks over. "This here is Uncle Severus. Say hi." The little boy pointed the wand and a jet of water came out splashing my face. "The little kidder he is." Lucius took the wand away. I forced a smile on my face. Suddenly I heard a squeal. My face dropped as I realized Rose wasn't no longer where she was.

"Rose!" I ran around the house. "Where are you?" I started to panic. Maybe it was a mistake coming today. I loved her so much that I wasn't ready to let her out into the real world. "Rose!" I screamed louder.

"Papa. Look what auntie gave me!" I turned around and there she was dressed in a rose colored dress. She looked lovely. "Auntie, auntie." She ran back into the room she came from. I walked in and saw that Narcissa was wearing a dress the same color. She ran over to Narcissa and hugged her legs."Thank you auntie Narcissa."

"You're very welcome dear." She looked up to see me and Lucius standing in the doorway. "I always wanted a daughter." She smirked. "Now run along with your dad."

"Thanks Narcissa." I picked Rose up. "This means a lot to me." I walked her downstairs and place her by the fireplace next to Draco. "Stay here while daddy go talk business with Uncle Lucius. Okay honey." I kissed her on the cheek and left.

No one's pov(idk if this makes sense but to clarify, this would be in third person, if that still doesn't make sense than just keep reading):

"Hi. My name Draco. Yours?" the boy asked the girl.

"Rose." She replied. "What are you doing?" He was holding a broomstick and was about to sit on it.

"Well, I'm going to fly. Watch."He got on and started hovering one foot above the ground. "See. You wanna try?"

"Uh huh." He got off and she got on. Try with all her might she couldn't do it. "Why won't it go up?" She said sadly.

"Cause you're a muggle. You got no wizarding blood in you." He smirked and laughed. He pushed her off and got back on. She sat there crying watching him fly around the room and having fun. She ran to the kitchen where her father was.

Snape's pov:

"She's a muggle Snape. You have no use of her." Lucius told me. He was right she is a muggle and therefore not like me. A wizard. "Think about it. When the dark lord returns, what would he think of you raising a muggle."

"She's my daughter no matter what. She was left with me for a reason." I stood up. "I don't care what the dark lord says. I'll do anything to protect her." At that time Rose came in crying. "What's wrong honey? Why are you crying?"

"Can I borrow your wand papa?" She asked me. I couldn't say no to her not when she was giving me the puppy dog eyes. I handed her my wand and she walked out with it.

"Your just gonna give her your wand like that?" Lucius asked.

"She's a muggle. Like you said remember. She can't do magic." That's when I heard a scream coming from the other room.

"Draco!" Lucius got up and I followed suit. There Draco was standing next to his broom. Rose standing across from him pointing my wand at him. "It's ok Draco she's a muggle she can't do magic."

"But dad her eyes..." he was shaking in fear.

"What, what about her eyes?" I asked moving closer to her.

"They changed color for a second." Draco stepped back.

"Don't move!" Rose yelled. "I'll show you I'm a witch. My dad has been teaching me spells."

"But honey, you were never able to cast them." I told her. That's when I notice something that was different about her. Her hair was turning red. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Is her hair...?" Lucius started.

"Yea it is. It's turning red."

"Don't tell me she's a muggle-born metamorphmagus?"

"Those are really rare. Last time I've heard of one was in Salazar Slytherin era."

"Point that wand away from me!" Draco screamed. I and Lucius focused back on our two kids arguing.

"Stupefy!"Rose yelled. A jet of red light flew out of my wand and hit Draco. He fell to the ground unconscious. "Papa. I did it."She was smiling brightly. Lucius ran to his son to check if he was ok. Draco later regained consciousness and told his father that he never wanted to see Rose again.

Later that night after Rose fell asleep; I went to my room and took out my Pensive. I put my wand by my temple and took the memories of today out. Today was a day I never wanted to forget. My daughter, Rosala Lee, muggle-born metamorphmagus, muggle-born witch.

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