Pureblood, mud blood, bloodtraitor

Once again my character!
Name:Rosala Lee aka Rose
Friends:Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George
Enemies:Draco (but not for long), Pansy, Blaise
Appearance:long black hair, 5'3,
Personality:shy, kind, caring, honest,emotional,
Pet:yellow cat name twinkie, small blank and white owl name penguin
Relatives:Godfather- Severus Snape, godmother- Lily Potter (deceased), godbrother- Harry Potter,
birthmark of a rose on the nap of her neck, by her right shoulder

Chapter 3

Hogwarts express

A/N: Starting from this chapter, everything is in Rosala'a P.o.v. unless otherwise stated.

Its been six years since I started going to Hogwarts. My days here were numbering. I only had two more years left before I leave this place. I have met many friends and enemies here. I can still remember the day when I set foot onto Platform 9 and 3/4.


"Rose. Did you have everything?" A short plump woman with red ginger hair asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Weasley." I was with the Weasley family for the last couple weeks of the summer due to the fact that my father Severus Snape was the potions professor and had to arrive at Hogwarts in advance. When we were at the entrance, Percy the third eldest went first. I notice a boy around my age with glasses and untidy black hair. He was also pushing a trolly with a snow white owl.

"Okay George your turn," Mrs. Weasley said.

"I'm not George." George said.

"I am. Honestly and you call yourself our mother." Fred said.

"O I'm sorry Fred." She said to George. I rolled my eyes. Even though I just met them the past couple of weeks, I can tell the difference between the twins.

"Just kidding. I am George." George ran off into the wall between platform 9 and 10. Fred followed after. I heard a gasp behind me and the sound of a trolley coming towards us.

"Excuse me." The untidy hair boy asked Mrs. Weasley. "How do you get to..." He pointed at the wall.

"Oh, how to get to Platform 9 and 3/4 . You must be new. Just like Rose and Ron here." She gestured to me and the ginger headed boy standing next to his little sister. Who also had flaming red hair. "Its quite simple actually just run straight through platform 9 and 10. Here you go after Rose." With that, I burst into a walk/run straight through the barrier and onto Platform 9 and 3/4 . I looked around, searching for someone until I found them.

"Zander! Nicki!" I waved to them. I abandoned my trolley cause I knew that someone was going to take care of it for me. I ran over to them and gave them a big hug. We had met two summers ago at Diagon Alley. We became best buds after we found out that each of us had a secret to share. I was a muggle born metamorphmagus and Professor Snape's muggle daughter. Zander Black, a pureblood, was the son of the notorious mass murderer Sirius Black. You can even tell that they are related cause Zander is the spitting image of Black when he was the same age. Nicki Rivers was Bellatrix Lestrange daughter. A pureblood who was caring, sly, brave, loyal, and funny. She have golden blonde curls, freckles, and purpleish blueish eyes. We hurried onto the train and found a compartment to ourselves. We looked out the window and waved good byes to our family and friends. As soon as the train left the station I got out my quill and parchment and wrote to my papa.

" /Papa
It has been weeks since I last saw you and i miss you lots. But guess what? I just boarded the Hogwarts express and should be there later tonight. I can't wait to see you Papa.
Your daughter,
Rosala Lee/."

I folded the parchment and placed it into the envelope. I sealed it with wax in which my papa ordered for me. RL. I took Penguin out of his cage and he automatically stuck out his leg. I attatched the letter, and he flew out the window.

"Writing to your dad?" Zander asked me.

"Yea, haven't seen him for weeks." I sighed. My eyes started tearing. I never been away from my papa for so long before. This was the first.

"Its ok Rose." Nicki came over and hugged me. "You'll see him soon. Cheer up. I mean, look where we are. We're on the Hogwarts Express. We're off to the most famous wizarding school ever." I laughed. Suddenly we heard a knock on the door.

"There you are Rose." Fred said

"We were looking for you." George was right behind him. "Mum wanted us to make sure..."

"That you got on the train alright."

"Anyways. Have you seen..."

"Ron anywhere?"

"Do you think..."

"You can help us look for him?" I rolled my eyes. I hated it when they do that. Finish each other sentences off and everything.

"Yea yea sure." I had to help them otherwise they'll be finishing each other sentence off all the time. I got up and followed them out to the aisle. We split up and started looking for Ron. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and bumped into a girl who I cant tell what her hair color was because it kept changing. "Are you a metamorphmagus?" I asked her. I got up and held my hands to hers.

"Yea how did you do?" She took my hand and I helped her up. "Becca Chambers by the way."

"Rosala Lee. I saw your hair changing colors. I've never met another metamorphmagus before."

"Ah, So your one too I'm assuming." I blushed and nodded. "That's awesome. I gotta go. My friends are calling me." She rushed past me and into a compartment. I continued looking for Ron until I found him sitting in a compartment with the same untidy hair boy.

"There you are Ron. Fred and George have been looking for you." I took a seat next to him and drank the rest of his pumpkin juice.

"Hey that's mine!" Ron shouted. I shrugged and gave him two galleons to shut him up.

"Who are you?" I asked after a while of eyeing the boy.

"Harry. Harry Potter."

"Ah the boy who lived." I smirked and was about to ask him something when someone came in the compartment.

"Excuse me, have you seen a toad?" A girl with bushy hair came in. "Neville's lost his."

"No we haven't." I got up and left. Why I bother talking to them I don't know. I was missing my papa more and more.

"Feeling a bit down now are we?" I knew that voice. That voice has been in my life since I was five. A boy who told me I wasn't a witch. Who bullied me every time he could. I turned around to face him.

"What do you want Malfoy?" I spat. I hated him for all the things he did to me. He knew I was muggle born, but his father and mine told him to keep it a secret.

"Your hairs blue. It only turns like that when your upset." He was right. I didn't have to look into a mirror to know he was right. I ran back to my compartment and threw myself into Zander's arm. I cried and cried. If only papa were here. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.

A/N: Woo hoo! Chpater 3 done. Hoping to get chapter 4 out in a day or too so bear with me people!

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