I know this sounds silly, but you should just read it :)
Another note... in this story, there is a song that the girl creates. It's not an original. It's by Sara Evans called My Heart Can't Tell You No. You can search it up on youtube to hear the music for the song.
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Chapter 1

I have officially given up on being creative on titles (as you can see above) so this is Chapter 1

10 years ago
"What happens next daddy???" He chuckles.
"Patience, Scar. I'm almost done" I slouch in my bed as he continues.
"Cinderella and the prince ride off to the castle together. The end." He shuts the book and tucks the sheets underneath me.
"Daddy, when will my prince find me?' He smiles and runs his hand through my scarlett colored hair. That's the reason why he named me Scarlett. Well that and that it was my mom's name.
"He will come soon sweets, he'll come for you."
"Darling, will you tuck in my honeybunches, too?" That is my new mother. Daddy got married two weeks ago. I'm not sure that she likes me much though.
"Okay," he tells her. He kisses me on my forehead and leaves the room without saying goodbye. Little did he know that he would never get the chance to ever again.

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