Stereotyping repost

against it! plz repost!

Chapter 1

No mor stereotypez!

You have cut yourself.
WTF! No you don't!

You have to wear all black.
No! Wear whatever you want!

You wear make up.
Um ya dont!

You have colored hair.
No you dont!

You cry everyday.
Some people. But not all!

You have no friends.
Really? cuz lazt i chekd ya dnt hav 2!

Respost if your against this sh1t! Just put in your own thoughts. But seriously, people just need to get a life and stop say this sh1t to make them selves feel good. They dont realise, if they were on the other end, they would be sorry they ever did this. Respost, with your own thoughts to get this to stop!


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