My Life (True)

This allows you to understand why I act insane.. Enjoy! Inspired by Preetygirlnerd!

Chapter 1

Dishes (This shows you how annoying my brother is)

My brother and me while we were doing the dishes:

My brother: Points at a glass of juice "Is that mine?"
Me: "Possibly."
My brother: "Is, it, mine?"
Me: "Possibly."
My brother: Snarls "Is it mine? Say it! Say it!"
Me: Mimics Edward's voice "Out loud."

Later (Still during the dishes) :

My brother: Grabs me, stands on my toes with his huge feet, and nearly knocks me onto the ground
Me: Grabs his chest
My brother: Squeels "You're twisting my nipple!"

A couple of minutes after that:

My brother: Pushes his face close to mine "DONKEY!"
Me: Groans and leans away What did you eat??*
My brother: Jumps around me "SHREK!"
Me: Shivers "Stop it. You're giving me goosebumps."
My brother: Grins "GOOSEBUMPS!"

A couple of minutes later (Yes, it will continue like this) :
My brother and I are fighting.
My sister: "STOP! I'm not saying it again! And don't go looking at each other and pulling faces!"
My brother: Looks at me and pulls a face
Me: "We weren't before, but we are now. At least, _ (my brother wishes to stay anonimous, xD) is."
My brother: "TRAITOR!"

After that:

My brother: Stares at the label on my vest "Raw?"
Me: Grins now that she has found the perfect opportunity to annoy him "Yes! Raw raw raw, raw raw!" Hums Bad Romance
My brother: Stares at me
Me: "Was that funny? Was it, was it??"
My brother: "..... Not really.........."
Me: Looks at my sister "Was that funny?"
My sister: Raises her eyebrows, then hunches over and pulls a strange face "Raw, raw, raw raw raw!"

That was about it... O.O

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