Hogwarts (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is for WritingFanatic's story contest! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Sorting Hat (A prologue of some sort)

I twitched nervously, glancing up at everyone around me. They were all so tall!
I rubbed my arms. Were they even eleven? Or was it just me? What if I wasn't eleven?
I smoothed my auburn hair. Two boys were glaring at each other. One was pale, with a sharp face, and the other was skinny, with glasses and black hair. My eyes widened. Harry Potter?!
I scooted away. I should keep out of it. Even if it was Harry Potter.
The small crowd of children whispered. I glanced around, taking in their expressions, and tried to determine what they were feeling.
Ghost floated through the wall, and I started, although mum had told me about them. I'd decided I could best ignore them, and try to blend in.
The tall lady came back, and looked at us with a stern expression on her face. I swallowed as the ghosts disappeared. My hands tightened around my wand, and it somehow calmed me.
Mr. Ollivers voice echoed in my mind. Holly and unicorn hair. Seven inches, quite supple. A good wand for an eager student.
I smiled.
"Now, form a line, and follow me," she said firmly, turning around.
I stood in the back of the line, and desperately tried to look over the head of the tall boy in front of me. We walked out of the chamber, back into the hall, and through the big double doors.
My hands shook. I had never been this nervous.
The doors opened, and I glanced in wonder at the candles floating in the air, with the starry ceiling above us.
Someone mumbled something about it in front of me, but I wasn't able to concentrate on what the person was saying.
The tall lady placed a stool in front of us, with a frayed hat on top of it. I frowned, and tried to remember what mum had told me.
There will be a hat. It will say a verse, and one by one, you will be sorted into a group. There is no need to worry, just be honest when they put it on top of your head, love.
I sighed. It was going to be okay.
The hat began to sing, and I smiled. Mum had been right.
When he sang about Ravenclaw, my heart jumped. I hoped that was where I would end up. I know I wasn't brave enough to be a Gryffindor, and Slytherin repelled me.
I clapped loudly when it finished.
The lady stepped forward. What was her name?
She held up a scroll. "When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted," she said. "Abbott, Hannah!"
A girl stepped forwarf. I shuffled with my feet, and someone coughed.
"HUFFLEPUFF!," the hat shouted. Hannah smiled, and went to sit at what I assumed the Hufflepuff table.
I started to feel more nervous as Terry Boot became the first Ravenclaw. What if I wasn't good enough?
I closed my eyes as my name neared.
"Dunne, Riley!," the lady called. My head snapped up, and my legs took the few shaky steps to the hat.
I sat down with a trembling sigh, and put the hat on top of my hat.
"Well well," an amused voice said in my ear. I started. "You have quite some qualities. I see you wouldn't make a good Slytherin. Hmmm.. You could be brave, but only when it's neccesary.. Not quite the Gryffindor... Let me see.. Hufflepuff, maybe? There is plenty of loyalty, and a certain sense of helpfulness.."
I kept my eyes open. Hufflepuff? I'd rather read and sit alone, I thought.
"Interesting thought. I see. You're intelligent.. Creative too."
I startled. Apparantly, this was a super hat, with the ability to read minds.
"Well... In that case, it'll be.. RAVENCLAW!", the hat roared.
My heart jumped, and I grinned. The Ravenclaw table cheered, and I took the hat off. "Thank you," I whispered, before running to the table.
I could swear it chuckled.
I watched, interested, as the others were sorted. People cheered loudly when Harry Potter was sorted into Gryffindor. The other Ravenclaw's shrugged it off.
"At least it isn't Slytherin," an Asian girl sitting next to me said. Others agreed with a murmer.
The last people were sorted, and I watched as Albus Dumbledore rose. "Welcome! Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I'd like to say a few words! And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"
"Thank you," he added, before sitting down again. I frowned, and wondered if he was crazy after all, like I'd heard someone on the train say.
I looked back at the table, and smiled when I saw the food. I glanced around warily, not wanting to be the first to dig in.
The girl next to me grabbed some things, and my eyes roamed the table.
This is even better than mum said.

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