Hogwarts (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is for WritingFanatic's story contest! Enjoy!

Chapter 2

5th Year

I hugged my parents. "Till Christmas!," I said cheerily, stepping onto the train. They smiled, and waved. I grinned, and picked up Monster, my cat.
I glanced around to see which cabin I'd pick this time. I didn't have friends, except for Luna Lovegood, so I usually picked one at random.
I chose the one on my right, and grinned as I saw no one was in it yet. The more quiet it would be, the more time I'd have to study.
I grabbed the small bag I'd brought. and picked out The Book Thief, and started reading it. Muggle minds were interesting.
The door opened, and internally, I groaned. There went peace, I thought.
I didn't look up from my book.
"Hello," a soft voice said. I glanced up for a short second, and then smiled. "Come in, Keira."
My younger sister smiled at me, and pulled a face. "Phillip told me to bugger off."
I patted the seat next to me. "Nevermind him. Older brother's do that. They show off. Let me guess, though. There was a girl with him?"
Keira nodded. I smiled. "Ah. See."
She sat down next to me, and huffed. "Why is it he's not a Ravenclaw? Mum was, you are, I am.. "
I shrugged. "Dad was too. I guess Phillip takes after him."
Monster meowed softly, and sat on Keira's lap. Keira petted him.
Her grey eyes suddenly gleamed. "Rye, have you met any guys yet?"
I frowned. "Don't be silly, Keira. You know I'm not interested."
She looked confused. I sighed. "Alrighty, then. You might as well blurt it out."
She reached inside her pocket, and pulled out a crumpled flower. "Phillip said it was from a friend, for you."
I took it, and frowned. I pulled out my wand, and fixed it up. It gleamed with life, and I tried to think of anyone that might act kindly towards me. "Did he mention any names, Keira?"
She shook her head. "Does this mean you have an admirer?"
I flushed angrily. "Of course not."
She shrugged. "If you say so."
I bit my lip, throughly distracted now. The only guy I'd thought interesting so far had been Cedric Diggory. But I knew that had been a silly crush, although it had pained me when I'd seen his dead body.
I clenched my jaw. Get it out of your head, Riley. No one likes you. It was an act of kindness, if not a prank.


The train came to a stop, and I sighed in relieve. I grabbed the bag, and slung it over my shoulder. I smiled at Keira. "Will you take Monster?"
She nodded eagerly, and picked him up. Monster gave me an accusing glare, before purring and rubbing himself against her.
I sighed, and bustled out of the cabin, tripping over my own feet, which was a bloody miracle, considering their small size.
I wached my feet carefully, and that caused me to walk into someone.
I didn't look up. "Sorry," I mumbled, quickly stepping aside, and hurrying on. The person said something back, but I didn't catch the words. It didn't really matter.
My eyes flitted to the carriages in front of us. I saw nothing pulling them, but I knew there were thestrals. I'd read about them, but even before that, Luna had told me.
I stepped into one of the first. Being a loner had it's advantages. I glanced around, wondering who would join me. I hoped that they would be Ravenclaws.
A boy stepped in who seemed vaguely familiar. He smiled at me, but I glanced the other way.
The cariagge wobbled, and Phillip stepped in, chuckling. His laughter came to an abrupt end when he saw me.
I glanced at him for a split second, and gave him a short nod, before returning my attention to the landscape.

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