Hogwarts (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is for WritingFanatic's story contest! Enjoy!

Chapter 40


Nine Years Later~

Riley's POV

I tapped my foot. "Adonis!" I shouted. "Where are you when I need you?!"
Lo and behold, Adonis ran down the stairs like the boy he still was inside. He shot me a smirk, but cringed as he met my scowl.
"Good morning, my love," he cooed carefully.
I folded my arms, and he kissed me. I gave in, and threw my arms around him.
"Gotcha," Adonis chuckled. I pulled away, and gave him a stern look. He stroke my humongous stomach. "Be gentle, the baby is present," said he, with a wink.
I smiled, and patted it. "She's going to be beautiful. Like me, of course."
Adonis grinned. "He. And he'll look like his father."
"Adonis, Adonis, how many times do I have to tell you? It's a girl."
"Girl. And now shut it, or you'll sleep on the couch tonight."
Adonis cringed. "But I'm your husband!"
I kissed his nose. "But we all know I'm in charge."
He grinned. "Mommy!" my son's voice whined. I groaned. "Here we go."
Three-year-old Desmond walked into the kitchen. His eyes were much like his father's, but he had my accusing stare. He stretched his arms, and I picked him up.
"Don't!" Sydney cried out, rushing into the kitchen. "You'll spoil him!"
I chuckled. "Don't worry, Syd. He'll be okay. I reckon Adonis was spoiled too, in his younger years," I said teasingly, throwing Adonis a look. He rolled his eyes.
Sydney smirked. "Yes he was. And now look what has happened to him. Wait- is that a grey hair?" she asked. Adonis' jaw dropped open. "Where?!"
I noticed the glass of water Sydney was holding behind her back, and smirked.
"It's probably paint, I'll wash it out," Sydney said cheerily. "N-" he protested.
The water was spashed into his face, and he fell silent. Then he started chasing Sydney. "I'll get you!" he roared.
I rolled my eyes. "Not likely."
Desmond giggled, and I felt movement in my stomach.
Yes. I knew it would be a girl. I smiled to myself. Autumn, that would be her name.

Laughter rang out from upstairs, and I heard Sydney scream in panic. "Take it easy!" I roared. Desmond started, but I gave him a smile. "It's okay. Daddy and aunt Syd are just insane," I explained.
He chortled in the most adorable way, and I kissed his nose. "And one day, you'll be too," I said, laughing as he pouted.

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