Some news people of Quibblo ... I might not come on anymore. NOT EVEN KIDDING


Chapter 1


Ok, so I've been really busy lately with school and extra-cirricular activities at the moment, and I just wanted to tell you guys that I might not come on ... well, not very often anyway. If I want to still on exchange to America, I have to keep my grades consistent, and I'm pretty sure I've just failed English, which is my most passionate subject.

Please understand, and I possibly might only get one day of Internet a week, so please don't spam my inbox! (joking, joking.) Just don't send me any stories or quizzes which have no use to me ... no offence of course. But I don't want to come back after a week and have 2000 (literally) messages in my inbox!

So ... seeming as I really wish to succeed in life, I'm gonna study extra-hard, because I believe Quibblo is holding me back ... that and FB. I seriously need to focus people, and you should know that you're all great and really ... uh, uplifting, I guess I could say.

So thanks once again. :3
Ash :)


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