My Friends and Me- Proven to be Insane

These are just some really random things that me and my friends do all the time xD (for enjoyment purposes only)

If you are have any allergies, or show any symptoms of being allergic to something I call 'Weird', then please let your doctor know immediately, and quit reading this.

Chapter 1


Me: Why is it 'Feast your eyes' ? Shouldn't it be 'Feast your mouth'? I mean, I can't teach my eyes how to use a fork!
Sean: tries to explain
Me: But seriously! I mean, if I tried to put something on a fork then feed it to my eye, I might die from being stabbed to death!

Me: My friend from Canada loves Skillet. Her name is Jen. She's born in September!
Tessah: Weird look
Me: What?
Tessah: Yeah, that's what you say to someone in the middle of silence!
Me: But- but she's CANNA-DEE-EN
Tessah: You're pronouncing it wrong...
Me: curls up in a ball DON'T JUDGE ME!

Davey: sits down across from me at a lunch table, my side flies up
Me: LAWL you're fat! xD
Davey: haha funny. T_T
Mr. Cuyar: Walks by
Davey: Mr. Cuyar! Rebekah's harassing me!
Mr. Cuyar: shrugs It's okay, it what she does.
Entire lunch table: Oooohhh

Dad: You know, Betas really love those type of plants.
Me: So can I get a fish?
Dad: Okay, what color?
Me: Hmm... a green or purple fish!
Dad: .... do they make green ones?

Me: Matthew, Jen's not going to fly over here just to eat Canadian Bacon! She would want to experience more American things, like Mexican food and sushi.

Ms. Whatley: So does anyone know where writing comes from?
Me: I can do a really weird thing with my wrist! shows entire class
Ms. Whatley: That's nice, so anyways-
Me: I'm related to Daniel Boon! He's me cousin!

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