My Dreams become Reality (justin bieber love story)

my name is Ciati but everyone calls me Cat simple as C. A. T. I am in love with singing and i have had these dreams and they are wierd! What happens when she finds out something!

Chapter 1

Strangest dream

She begins to sing adele set fire to the rain " i let it fall my heart and is it fell you rose to claim it and it was dark and i was over until you kissed my lips and you saved me". Do you really think that your good enough to pass to make it in the world. But Justin. No no im the one in charge you cant say that your in. CIATI POV and thats when i heard the dreaded words. NEXT. she wakes up. I hate justin bieber but he didnt do anything to me i just cant hate him can i? she gets ready for school when they get there. Anna i had the strangest dream ever i was singing and J.B. Was there and he said i wasnt good enough. Haters make you stronger. Thats what im saying. Yeah we can read eachothers minds. Without even knowing anna your my best friend. I know. they girl hug. Ciati your not gonna like this but i heard that Justin Bieber is a new kid at our school. No way am i talking to him. It was a dream get over it! Never. she pushes anna out of the way. in bioligy. Class im sure you know this boy it is Justin Bieber. ciatis mouth opens and she closes it. Good you were gonna catch flys. Bella shut up i told you yesterday one more word out of you km gonna bust youd ass. Hit me with your best shot. she punches bella in the face and she goes down on the floor. No more words out of you huh. dead silent. Thats what i thought. * justin helps her up*. You shouldnt have done that Ciate. Its Ciati and now im the bad guy when she is the one over there making remarks i told her its not my problem anymore. Whatever. Psh ok. Justin you can sit right by Ciati. Great i get stuck with him. Haters make you stronger. Thats what my friend Anna said. Why what happend? Nothing you need to know about. Alright. Class begin working on your songs again. she opens her notebook and has pages and pages of songs. You sing? Yeah thats why she said haters make you stronger. Let me hear something. Alright. she grabs her guitar My head is stuck in the clouds he begs me to come down says girl quit fooling aeound i told him i love the view from up here. Very good. Thanks. bella grabs scissors and cuts all the strings off her guitar. BELLA. Sorry my hand slipped. Yeah right. It did. F you. I can fix that. You can? Yeah no problem i will take it to my manager. How will he fix it? He has a shop and he fixes it up whats your two favorite clors? Green and purple. Alright. the bell rings and he takes the guitar home. CATS POV what a great day besides bella.

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