Read and u will laugh ur azz off!!!!

k, so basically i'm gonna update this and write hilarious stuff that happens to me every day. if u wanna keep getting updates, just add me if ur not already my friend :) BTW, it's easy to figure out but NEways, the chapter title's the date. it's D-M-Yr

Chapter 1


3 hilarious things happened today.
1. the girls changing room at school is also the store room where they keep about 20 huge yoga balls. well, when i was changing, i climbed up to the top of the mountain of yoga balls(quite an accomplishment, actually) when they all came tumbling down. i was stuck lying on my stomach on top of and surrounded by yoga balls. my friend, May took advantage of this and put a pile of yoga balls onto my back, claiming she needed more space to change. this resulted in me falling onto the floor and hurting my elbow horribly.

2. I was making pancakes even though it was already 20:30(and the pancakes, BTW were purple cuz i used food coloring) and not just with pancake mix but with flour and milk and baking soda and stuff. then, my two-year-old sister came into the kitchen to see what i was doing. i live in china, and i guess there must have been a wedding or something, cuz right at that moment, we heard a loud BOOM and a bunch of fireworks started exploding outside. well, my sister BOLTED out of the room crying looking for my mom, who was panicking when she saw my sister bawling and drooling, and hugged her, while i came out of the kitched laughing my azz off. you should've seen her! i think she's never run so quickly before in her LIFE! and her curls were bouncing up and down the whole way! i wish i'd filmed it!!!!!

3. at school we had an assembly cuz the school invited a professional er hu(chinese musical instrument) player to come play us a few pieces. after the show, she asked some volunteers to come onstage and say what they though about the show. May's brother(who's in grade 10 already) came onstage cuz his friends made him do it or something, and when she asked him to express his feelings (not saying specifically what) he said "Umm, hope you all have a nice weekend!" may was sitting next to me, almost falling off her seat laughing, while her brother stood onstage smiling in an embarrassed sorta way, looking down like a toddler! HA!!!

well, that's it for today. if u didn't read the intro, read it now. KK, see u soon!

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