Nothing Normal

Alyssa Dore goes to a high school like a normal kid. She eats, breaths, and does stuff like a normal teenage girl. The only problem is everyone around her isn't normal. Her friend isnt normal he's a mythical creature. Yes a mythical creature. In her abnormal life would Alyssa decide to make peace with it or join what she's been through her whole life.

Chapter 1

Can THEY love or even FEEL

My name is Alyssa Dore and theres one thing that I can tell you about my life, and that one thing trust me is NOTHING NORMAL. You see I'm a human of course thats grown up in this town with my aunt, Who's a vampire. She was bitten not born that why. My parents are human and I don't know where they are. I got to high a school called RavenWood high school. I'm the only human that goes there. I've looked for other humans in this town and there isn't any.  It's just me. My life is nothing normal

I walked down the creepy Black and red walls as u went to my locker. "hey Alyssa want to skip school and go out for a bite" Jason said. As he whispered in my ear. His nose brushing against my check. "Jason you know I hate when u say go for a bite" I told him pushing him smiling. He was the only friend I had in this school even if he was a vampire. 

"your right I so forgot. But do you want to go eat or what. Your not really learning anything here anyway" he said grabbing my arm. "true let's go" we walked to my motorcycle And hoped on. Once we got to the hottest lunch place for vampires  in town. The Bite was where my aunt worked. My aunt made me my meals........without the blood. 

We sat at the back table where we always sat. "if it isn't little Alyssa Dore. And her pathetic friend Jason Vladimir ." that was the most hated vampire around this part of town Danielle Rathbone. "what the hell do you want" I said standing up to her. She exposed her fangs to me. I didn't move. "you don't scare me" I said getting closer to her face. She came close to m ear. "you should be" she said laughed and walked out the door. 

I sat back down and Jason ended up right next to me. He put his hand under my chin and came very close to my face. "I like it when you stand up to her like that" he said looking at my eyes then my lips then back into my eyes. It's a thing that me and Jason do we flirt but I don't think it ever means anything. Does it mean anything. Do vampires have hearts? In all my life I never asked that question. 

He let go of my chin and we went back to my house. All the lights where off. I went to the living room and turned them on. "Jason come her!" I yelled as I moved back. In a second he was by my side. "he wall" I told him. He looked in the direction I was looking at. 

On the wall written in blood YOU SHOULD BE! It said. Jason looked at me and pulled me in a hug. "when will this end. When will she stop" I asked threw gritted teeth. "I don't think she'll ever stop" he said moving back out of tue hug. 

I went to the kitchen and went to the fridge and pulled two bottles of liquor out. I walked back to the living room and handed one to Jason. "I don't think this is a good idea" he said and looked at me. It was to late I had already chugged the bottle and started to chug his. I was so drunk after that. 

I laid on Jason's chest as he watched tv. "hey guess wat" I said really hyper. "did you know when people are drunk they might have to maybe how bout tell the truth" I said. "I think you said that when people are drunk they tell he truth sometimes" he said. 

"In that case I have a question. Do you like me. Cause I've liked you for a long time" he told me looking down at me. "of course I like you your my friend sillpy" i told him. " no more then a friend Alyssa I like you as a girlfriend" " I like ya as a boy.. Friend to" I said 

"I'm tired can u take me stairs up please" I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck. We where in my room  in a sec. I looked into his icy blue eyes he looked into my green. He smiled and laid me on my bed. He turned around to leave. "no stay I said as I went under the covers and patted the empty space next to me. "ok" he said as he got in he bed under the covers. He wrapped his arms around me. I guess vampires can love.

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