read or u will be eaten by cannibals

sorry for the menacing title. i just wanted everyone to read this :)

Chapter 1

Happy birthday!

sorry the picture's backwards...
Potterfan24, ur an awesome friend and i love you soooo much! you're the whole reason i come to quibblo every day!! i know you love purple ponies, but since i didn't find any of those lying around, i made you purple pancakes. i give you permission to use any topping you like :)

for everyone who hasn't already added her, you'd be dumb not to add her now. she WILL make you laugh, i guarantee that. and you'll love to hear updates about the new ways of hurting yourself that she's discovered.

Again, Christy, happy birthday. oh, and one more thing: happy birthday, it's ur birthday, theres people dying on the street, cuz they've got nothing to eat. but it's your birthday, so happy birthday. you're one year closer to death. YAY!

sorry if i got the lyrics wrong...
and btw, the piece of paper in the pic says happy birthday. it's kinda hard to see...


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