10 Reasons For This Creature

Sigh ... I tried to make the title NOT mention Pokemon, in hopes that more people would read it! I mean, even if people know nothing about Pokemon, I would still like them to view at least one chapter, just to convince them that it's interesting. Anyway, I will write 10 reasons for one Pokemon each chapter for why I like them. Please enjoy this and have a nice day! :3 ~Ash

Chapter 1

Lugia: My All Time Favourite

Ah, Lugia. Here we go:

1. I love Lugia's appearance. Just the silver-bodied bird with hand-shaped wings ... it's absolutely amazing. So beautiful ...

2. Aeroblast. Lugia is the only Pokemon to learn this move naturally. I love the way it looks and its power.

3. The mouth. Don't laugh. Don't even ask. I like the sharp points on either side of Lugia's mouth, which are probably meant to be teeth.

4. Cry. Woah. I mean, woah. I simply ADORE Lugia's cry! If you haven't heard it, then do. You'll instantly become addicted. It also has that water-sounding background noise at the end of the cry.

5. Feet. Lugia's feet are awesome! They're so big ... and lovely! I wish my feet could be perfect like Lugia's.

6. Name. Just the name Lugia is cool. I wish I came up with a name like that.

7. Strength. Lugia has good stats, even for a legendary. I never even knew that its attack and special attack were the same in base stats. I like having it use Shadow Ball :D

8. It lives in a cave. What more can I say?

9. Pokemon 2000: The Movie. I've always admired this movie, for about 7 or 8 years now. I love the storyline and besides, Lugia's in it! :)

10. Tail. I like Lugia's tail, just because it has those spikes on the end. I believe it gives the Pokemon the final finish. I always seem to forget to colour them in whenever I draw Lugia though ... haha.

Well, that's it. Next chapter: Aggron!

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