Possibly Leaving Quibblo...

Chapter 1

Leaving (Sort of)

I am possibly leaving Quibblo. One of these reasons is the restrictions we have. I will still have my quibblo account but I won't be on as much. I will be able to be contacted through www.Wattpad.com because that's where I'm going to continue my writing/massages/other stuff. I'm going to continue all stories that are on here, on wattpad:


I am not deleting my quibblo account. I'm just switching over to wattpad. And contacted through that account. I'm truly sorry if this causes an inconvenience for anyone but I will be found there. Again, this account WON'T be deleted.

Thank you for your loyalty as readers and friends. Thank you for your support, help and advice. It means a lot to me. Thank you. I have enjoyed my run with quibblo but now its time to move on. I started out writing here and as you can see from my old work, I have grown and changed a lot. And its all thanks to everyone here on quibblo.

Hope to see you there!

Much love,

Bri <3

P.S. ''All'' stories will be re-posted and continued there. Check back at least once a week to two weeks for story updates. Thanks!


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