Please Read If You Are My Friend

Yea, well, the title says it all. Just read....

Chapter 1


As you know, the life of a high schooler isn't exactly the easiest matter for anyone. Especially me right now, since I have my regular family problems to deal with, along with all of my academics to keep up with, plus marching band, which takes a huge portion of my time out 3-5 days a week. Here's a brief rundown of my life so far:

- My family continues to yell at each other as a source of communication. Huge headaches, massive arguments, lots of stress I really don't need.
- Marching band practices are for two and a half hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, with the occasional home football game on Fridays which I must attend, and competitions every now and then on Saturdays, which usually takes up the majority of the day. That saps a lot of my strength.
- I have a girlfriend now, and I want to maintain a healthy relationship with her. Plus, homecoming is coming up, and there have been a lot of preparations for that, most of which I have joined in because I want to make that night the best for my girlfriend.
- Both my math and my English teachers can't teach a class worth their life. I don't understand my math teacher half the time, and I need to do well in that class, since it's my weakest subject. My English teacher doesn't teach anything; she gives us assignments and basically tells us where to go from there. I need that class if I plan to major in English when I go to college. Lots of pressure there.
- There's this whole epidemic or something going around my school. For the past month, people have been getting sick, and missing school a week on average, and even when they come back, they're still sick. I think that I'm starting to get sick, so the next month may be pretty miserable for me.

With all this in mind, please heed the next sentence:


I'm not going to point any names out. I'm not a jerk like that. But for those of you out there, you know you are.

Keep this up, and I WILL delete.

I'm not joking. As a junior in high school, things are hard on me right now. I usually get online because it's a solace from the stressful world of both my home and my high school. To come on and see people saying I'm wrong for what I believe in, that I'm straying down the wrong path, it gets under my skin and sets my teeth on edge. I've already got enough on my shoulders. Stop shoveling more onto the pile.

I can live without Quibblo. Don't give me reason to do so.


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