Dont be Afraid of the Dark (twilight love story)

My name is samantha but everyone calls me sam or sami i dont really care what but me and my mom moved to the murder state called Seattle Forks Seattle! Because her new boyfriend Austin came in our lives im all like BARF! find out what creeps her out. Sami is from australia!!

Chapter 1

Coming to school

Good morning Sami. Good morning Austin. You can call me dad. she mumbles under her breath ur not my dad. Whats that? Nothing. Thats what i thought missy! What are you gonna do? Ill show you but no. Bring it on! he slaps her clear across the face leaving a red mark and she falls to the floor she gets up and her mom comes down. Sweetie what have you done to your face. I slept with my hand on my face this morning. Aw how cute. she leaves. If you do this to my mom i will call the police. I love your mom. Whatever. she leaves out the door and walks to school but she gets this strange feeling like someones watching her. Just keep walking no ones gonna hurt you sami. she feels it get closer so she starts running to school and she gets there. You must be samantha. Its sami. Oh well im Tommy! Hi tommy. Im Jessica but people call me jess or jessie call me what you please. Alright will do. sami has ADHD and ADD so its really hard for her. Why are you so skinny? Well i have ADHD and ADD. Do you take meds? Yeah. But your so skinny! Ok well i better get to comm arts. Thats where we are headed. SAMIS POV. great they have a class with me. she gets thag feeling that someone is watching her. Whoa who are they? Those are the plastics. Oh! Yeah the blondie is sasha and the blue headed one is blueberry her nickname but her real name is kailey and the guy he is Emmit ans the other guy is Jasper the other girl the pixie is alice and the one blonde girl is rosalie stay away from her! Got it and i hate plastics. The guys arent they have been trying to get out of there group foever and they never let them out its like if they dont like you why make them be in your group its like seriously. I know. with the plastics. We have to keep up with her. Rosalie-i dont understand why Emmit i mean she isnt gonna be one of us. You do not know that.! Yeah i do im the head of this group! Well look at her she doesnt eat but shes tan and skinny so she has a quality. Yeah but shes laughing! We laugh you idiot. Go introduce yourself if you love her. I dont love her. Then you love me dont you. Now what gave you that idea that i like you! Oh burrrrn im sorry but that was a deep one. Shut up Jasper. Never!

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