Something that I felt I needed to write.
I had a vision of my deep sadness.
We all have something dark that we need to let loose sometimes.
I am only human

Chapter 1


His pain is mine
His heart that cracked into a million pieces was mine

The blood that coursed through his living veins was always mine

The lonely days he endures are mine

His existence in reality was not seen so nor was I
The words he can not speak are still inside me

The wretched hate in me dwells and because no one can hear him they cannot see me suffer

I have nothing
I have no one
I have everything and no one to share it with
He has nothing and He has no one
So together we stand alone

We have each other to share
Letting our pain and worries
Entwine us

As his hand takes mine
We fall into the depths of nothing together

Letting our deceptions be our advice
Convinced on the inside that there is so much more
As we travel to another world.


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