Anime Character Meeting

Something random I came up with....
Random anime characters from different anime come together and just TALK...

Ps, I just feel like calling each chapter and "episode" because it is written like a script not a story :P

Chapter 1

Episode 1

by: omgbye
Today's cast:

Vampire Knight: Zero, Kaname, Senri
Death Note: Light, Misa, L
Ouran Highschool Host Club: Kyoya, Tamaki, Hunny
Fruits Basket: Kyo
Air Gear: Ikki, Kazu

Everyone is sitting in a circle around a round coffee table filled with snacks

Everyone: Going crazy and panicking Where are we!?! Who are these people?!?

Kyoya: Everybody calm down! If you didn't read the email that was sent out, let me explain to all of you why we are here/

Everyone: Silenced

Senri: Yawns Can you hurry? I want to get back to my nap.

Kyoya: Ok, so we are here for some sort of "anime meeting". And if I'm not mistaken, I remember that we were supposed to sit here and

Zero: Talk!?!?! That's why you brought me here? I was in the middle of killing a Level E and you pull me out of my anime just to TALK?!

Kyoya: Believe me, I have no intentions of being here myself. But since I already am, lets introduce ourselves. Hello everybody, I am Kyoya Otori from the anime Ouran Highschool Host Club.

Tamaki: And I'm Tamaki Suoh! From the same anime as Kyoya! rose appears out of nowhere in his hands and he bows down and its a pleasure to meet you meet you all!

Kaname: The pleasure is all mine. And I'm Kaname Kuran, from Vampire Knight. And those two idiots over there points to Zero and Senri are from the same anime as well.

Senri and Zero: in unison Uhhh.....sup?

Kyoya: Hmmm, where's our other anime character? Looks around the room and sees L and Hunny fighting over some cake

Hunny: Giving L a death glare Touch my cake, and I'll break every bone in your body.

L: swallows nervously Uh...its ok you can have it. Whispers to Kazu who's sitting next to him This kid is SCARY!!!!!!

Kyoya: Pushes back his glasses And who are you? to L, Light, and Misa

Light: Clears his throat I am Ki- I mean Light. Light Yagami. My co-stars are L, the guy over there eating cookies with his feet up on his chair. And Misa, the girl sitting over there half naked. She is-

Misa: Jumps up and starts waving HEY EVERYONE!! I'm Misa Amane! And I'm Light's girlfriend and we are all in the anime Death Note!!

Ikki: Jumps up and shakes her hand Hey, I'm Ikki. I'm from the anime Air Gear. And its a pleasure to meet you! Looks at Misa pervertedly

Misa: slaps away Ikki AHH!! You pervert!! Didn't you just hear me say I'm Light's GIRLFRIEND???

Kyoya: Looks at Kazu So I'm guessing that you're from Air Gear too huh?

Kazu: nods

Kyo: Looks at everyone Wait wait WAIT!!! Everyone here has some other character from their anime here except ME!! I'm the only person here fro Fruits Basket and that is NOT fair!! frowns

Everyone: Silence

L: Breaking the silence Can I at least have that slice of strawberry cake? points to the slice of strawberry cake in front of him

Hunny: Glares at L then suddenly makes a cute face Why of course! Just because strawberries are my favorite doesn't mean I can't share! smiles adorably and gives the cake to L

L: Thank you! picks up the spoon and almost eats one bite

Hunny: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grabs L's arm and tosses him across the room

L: Hits the wall Ouch...

Hunny: Glares at L MY...CAKE!!

Tamaki: Talking to Kaname So, I hear you're a pure blood vampire, eh?

Kaname: Nods Yes. That's true.

Tamaki: Hm...I wonder...if vampires are supposed to be so good looking, I wonder why I'm not one. rubs chin

Kaname: Raises an eyebrow Uhhh.....

Tamaki: Ah, I see! The reason that God has created me as a human is to give hope to all of humanity that such great beauty such as myself CAN exist!

Kyoya: ORR the reason that you're human is because our anime is supposed to be more instead of fantasy. Pushes back his glasses

Tamaki: Starts sulking in the corner

Zero: There is nothing beautiful about being a vampire!!

Misa: Points to Senri who's almost asleep But isn't he a MODEL?? And I'll admit, he's really hot! But not as much as my man Light!!

Zero: Vampire are nothing but beasts in human form!

Kaname: Yes, just like you Zero!!

Zero: SHUT UP!! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU, KANAME KURAN!!! pulls out Bloody Rode and shoots him

Senri: should have at least let me drink his blood before you killed him! Goes back to sleep

Light: KILLING IS INJUSTICE!! KILLING IS INJUSTICE!!! KILLING IS INJUSTICE!! takes Death Note out and writes down Zero's name


Light: Yea so what?! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT HUH?!?!?

L: Oh...nothing much...Goes on twitter and tweets: Light has killed Zero Kiryu. I have witnessed it myself

Light: HAHAHAHA!!! THAT'S IT??!?!?!?!!!

L: Wait for it....

Everyone: Silence

Kazu: Do you guys hear that? I think its an earthquake...

Ground starts shaking and an angry stampede of Zero Kiryu fangirls come in and attack Light and carry him away

Kazu: Uhh.....Will he be ok?

Misa: Probably....

Ikki: So...Now that your boyfriend's gone, why won't you go out with me? Looks at Misa like a pervert

Misa: WHY ARE YOU SUCH A PERVERT!!! How old are you anyway!?!?! You know what, just forget it! Pulls out another Death Note and writes Ikki's name in it

Ikki: Dies from heart attack

Misa: Finally...

L: HA! And you are the second Kira! You just killed someone!!

Misa: AW COME ON!! He was being a pervert!!

L: Hmm...You're right..he was annoying me as well.

Kyo: long do we have to be here!?!?!

Misa: OMG you're sooo cute!!!! hugs Kyo

Kyo: turns into a cat

Misa: OMG you're even cuter as a kitten!!!

Kyo: hisses Look what you did!!! Starts scratching Misa with sharp claws

Misa: cries You're a rude kitty! But still cute! hugs Kyo

Kyo: Get away from me you psycho!! scratches Misa and rips out her guts

Misa: bleeds to death

Everyone: Starts clapping and cheering

Senri: Sniffs the air I...smell...BLOOD!!

5 minutes later

Kyo: Turns back into a human with no clothes on

Kazu: disturbing.

Kyoya: Pushes back his glasses and stands up carrying his black notebook Well...this has been an interesting anime meeting..

Kazu: So can we finally leave now?!?!

Kyoya: Our time is up, so of course.

Kazu, Kyo, and L storm out of the room and into their anime

Kyoya: Starts walking towards the door Hunny, Tamaki, lets go already.

Tamaki: Follows Kyoya Wait, where's Hunny?

Tamaki and Kyoya: Start looking around the room and see Senri drinking Hunny's blood

Tamaki: You drank his BLOOD?!

Senri: Wipes his face and burps It was soooo sweet...

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