Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! oh well :P

just something I had to share with somebody :P who better to share with than my Quibby friends? :D

Chapter 1


by: _2D_
So, here be the dealio:
God told me that the girl I wanted to pursue wasn't the right girl... it's sad, but it's God's will for me and therefore I'm ok with it :)
how do I know it was from the Lord? well, 10 days ago I told her I really liked her and she also told me she liked me, but I didn't want a relationship if it would just end up crashing and burning. I said we should pray about it and fast from each other for a week so we know whatever we hear is from God and not from our own desires speaking.... on the 4th day of not seeing or talking to her, God told me she wasn't who He has in mind for me. When the week was up, I explained what the Lord showed me, and she told me that on the 3rd day God told her I wasn't the one for her but she didn't accept it until the next day xD haha... so yeah, kinda really super disappointed, but oh well :) life goes on!


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