True Love Lesbians

True love <3

Chapter 1

I found you.

I was walking down the hallway blasting the saddest music at the loudest volume it could go. Shrestha was busy chatting to all the boys and talking to amanpreet, as usual. We had 4 more days left till the 3rd term break. 2 weeks without seeing her everyday. Where's the tissue's? Manpreet was my best mate (had been since year 5) (It was now year 9), But Shrestha was a year 10 and moving to a different school next year! Only Manpreet and Shyla knew my love for her. My face went from sad to where's the gun? and she knew it. She knew she couldnt look at me around anyone else because I was "un popular" and she was.....well I could go on but for now I will just describe 'PERFECT"

There she goes again jesus.....why does she act like she has just died inside every time she see's me! urgh it's all my fault why can't I just tell her! Bri.....I love you. Hahaha. Yeah right if that got out my rep would be ruined! But it kills me seeing her like this........................

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