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My New Beatles Love Story :) Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

You are in New York City in 1964. It's mid-January and you're freezing to death, waiting in an extensive line to be one of the first people to have John Lennon's Book In His Own Write. You are just outside the door after standing in the freezing weather for hours, and you can see dozens of glossy covered copies of his book just waiting to be snatched up. All of you friends think you're crazy to wait in line for hours, in the cold for a book that will be ten times cheaper in a month, but you love John enough that you do it anyway.
You finally step foot in the store and you get a blast of toasty air in your face, you beeline for the pile of books. You nab a book and clutch it to your chest for dear life. You take the money from your pocket and hold it as you wait to pay. After you hand the clerk the money you crack open the book and begin to read as you head for your subway station. As you pore over the collection of John's drawings, poems, and stories you hear a horrific screech come from behind you. You twirl around and in the distance there is a man sprinting for his life, being chased by a throng of girls your age.
All you can think is 'Oh my god that must be John Lennon!' You stand to the side of a building and wait for your hero to come zooming by. Just thinking that John is going to be near you is making you freak out. Sure enough, as the mob comes closer, it's John Lennon at the front of the pack. And in a moment's notice, John Lennon, the amazingly hot rhythm guitar player of The Beatles passes by you. After your 'encounter' with him, you walk on to your subway station. You hop on the train and sit on the hard plastic bench in between a homeless man who smells like tuna, and another man who has his face buried in a copy on the New York Times. It's a long way to The Village from Brooklyn, so you crack open your book again, and begin to read. After about 40 minuets the subway car begins to clear out, and all who's left on is an old woman who dozed off about 20 minuets ago and the man reading the New York Times.
From behind the newspaper, the man asks "What's the next stop?" in a vaguely familiar British accent.
"Grenache Village" you reply. The man lets out a sigh of relief and lets down teh newspaper "Oh thank God! You know I thought I was going to be on this bloomin' thing for hours!"
When he shows his face, finally your jaw drops, you have been sitting next to John Lennon for 14 city blocks and you didn't even know it.
John looks at the book in your hands and looks back at you "Is that book any good?" he asks. You chuckle and say "It's alright" and then blush.
"Next stop Grenache Village" the conductor says over the speaker.
"So this is our stop" John remarks.
"It is" is all you can utter.
You and John stand up and exit the train as it screeches to a halt.
"Hey, uh miss, um I didn't catch your name?" John says
"It's (YN)" you reply.
"(YN), I'm kinda new to New York, would you mind showing me where I can get a good cup of tea?"
"Oh course I could!" you reply instantly

You absolutely love living in swinging London. All the great shops, the food, the music and not to mention all the famous people you bump into. You have a job at the Mary Quant shop and you even get to model for her sometimes! You especially love getting to model with the girls who are the faces of Mary Quant like Pattie Boyd, Twiggy, Mary Bee, and Belinda Watson. Recently Mary started making a men's line of clothes. The buzz around work is that some famous musical faces will help promote the line, and of the would be the Beatles!
As you head into work one day, Mary Quant is there herself, you always loved Mary and she is so kind. She asks all the girls to come into the back loading dock.
"OK girls, I will be choosing a few of you to be in the new catalouge, and model with the new faces of our male line, and I need you to show them the ropes. You will also be working with Miss Boyd, Miss Bee, and Miss Watson" She tells you. You can see all the girls are overly excited about who is going to get picked. She starts to walk around the room and looks you all up and down.
You feel confidant with your stunning (your hair color) hair, and wearing a pretty yellow mini dress.
"Ok June, Maureen, Jennifer, and (YN)" she says as she taps the four of you on the shoulder. When she said your name you thought you were going to faint, you are going to be a model, working with celebrities!
"Now girls, go get changed upstairs and meet me and the other models outside in 15 minuets. There is an outfit for each of you."
You rush upstairs with the 3 other girls and find a beautiful pink dress on a wire hanger with your name on it. After a few minuets you and the other girls run outside to meet Mary and you see Pattie Boyd, Belinda Watson, and Mary Bee Who look simply stunning.
"Girls, allow me to introduce the new models" Mary says to the 'real models'
"This is June, Maureen, Jennifer, and (YN)"
"Hello" you say with a big smile.
"So where are these male models you told us about?" Maureen asks.
"Ah, they are not only male models in the making, but they are celebrities. Girls, you are going to be working with The Beatles!" she says, and not a moment after she says that do the Beatles themselves come from behind the building. You can feel you heart start to race when you see Paul McCartney start walking towards you.
"Ok June you will be working with Pattie and George. Maureen you will be working with Belinda and Ringo, Jennifer you will be working with Mary and John, and (YN) you will work with Paul." she instructs. You can't believe this, you get to model with Paul McCartney, all by yourself! This is great! 'Now why don't you get acquainted with each other?" Mary says "Meet me in the studio in an hour" she says and walks away,
"Well hello Miss (YN)" Paul says and takes your hand, and kisses it lightly.
"Hello Mr. McCartney" You say, after trying not to blush
"Please call me Paul" he insists.
"OK, Paul. How about we get a cup of tea before the shoot?" you suggest.
"sounds fab"

You don't always like life in India. The scenery is beautiful, and everyone is nice to you, but life can sometimes be down right boring! Your family had moved to the small village of Rishikesh from fabulous swinging London a few years ago because your dad is a doctor and decided 'Hey I want to help the world, so I'll uproot my whole family and transport them to India because my teenage daughters don't have a life or anything!' You know your father's intentions are good, but being uprooted from your home at the age of 17 isn't exactly the best thing to deal with. But all in all Rishikesh isn't that bad a place. There's meditation going on everywhere thanks to the maharishi, sitar music fills the air, and you live right on the Ganges River where you often go swimming with your sister Leah, who is your twin.
You and Leah have long red hair, shining blue eyes and lovely porcelain skin. People say you have a certain Jane Asher essence to your look. You love getting that complement but you are madly in love with George Harrison, and not Paul McCartney. You wish that George would come and save you from your little town but you know that own't happen any time soon, or so you think.
As you and Leah are sitting on the couch in the living room, catching up on rugby, which you miss so much in England, a small bulletin come in on the bottom of the screen from the local news channel. It read "Maharishi hosting TM classes tomorrow in Rishikesh. Celebrity guests to come! Including: Mia and Prudence Farrow, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones,Donovan, Jenny and Pattie Boyd, Jane Asher, and of course John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr of The Beatles!"
"Oh my God!" you and Leah shout in unison. You and Leah scream so loud that your mother comes rushing into the room,
"What's the matter?" she asks
"Nothing! Only that my future husband, George Harrison, is going to be in Rishikesh tomorrow!" you shout.
"And you future husband Ringo Starr!" Leah adds.
"Oh, you two and the Beatles, don't you ever get tired of them?" you mother scoffs.
"NO!" You and Leah shout again, in unison.
"What are we going to do then?" Leah asks
"Be our charming little selves, and show them around, and we start by getting into that TM class!" you say,
You and Leah head to the town center, where the maharishi's temple is located, and you both rush in to find him meditating.
"Yes girls" he says before you can even say anything to him. You walk up shyly and say ever so politely "Mr. maharishi, may we sign up for your meditation class?
"Why of course girls!" he says cheerfully. "I love it when you young people get involved with meditation. Just come tomorrow at 8 am"
"Oh thank you so much" you say to him, and with that you get ready for you meditation course!

You live in a small English town, with your room mate and best friend, Sarah. The two of you live in a flat next to a lady who lives with seven cats and a newly wed couple who do nothing but bicker. You are going to college to be an art teacher and Sarah wants to be a social worker. The two of you have been best friends since high school, and have been inseparable ever since. You both look out for each other as if you were sisters (you are both convinced you ARE sister who were separated at birth even though you look nothing alike and you are born in December and she is born in May)On night you wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, grabbing your throbbing head, screaming on top of your lungs for Sarah to come and help you.
"Saaarrrahhh!!! Heeeeelllpp!!! you shriek in pain as you lay in bed, tears streaming down your cheeks. The door of your room flings open and the lights pop on. Sarah sees you on your bed in a ball of pain and rushes to your side.
"(YN) what's wrong?" Sarah asks
"Head" you groan
"Ok, do you need to go to the hospital?" she asks
"yeeeeesss" you hiss and nod your head.
"Ok, let's get you out of here!" Sarah says and helps you to the car. You speed off to the hospital, and are there in a matter of minuets thanks to Sarah's skillful driving.
The ER is empty (mostly because it's 3 o'clock in the morning) and you stagger into the waiting room and up to the reception window.
"She needs help, she has a terrible head ache" Sarah tells the nurse, as you are on the ground in agony. The nurse picks up the phone and calls the doctor. You are put on a gurney and rushed up 2 floors. There is an army of doctors around you, taking vital signs, asking you for information, and taking blood. They pump you with an IV of god knows what, but what ever it was, it put your head ache to ease.
"OK Miss (YN) we're going to need to put you into a room with someone else, is that alright with you?" a kindly voiced nurse asks.
You, being out of it, nod in agreement and are wheeled into a room next to someone who is already passed out. Sarah is in the room with you, and you can tell she is excited about who you are rooming with, but right now, you don't care who is in the room with you. It could be your favorite Beatle, Ringo Starr, all you want to do is sleep.

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