P.S. I Love You

My New Beatles Love Story :) Hope you like it!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10


John picked me up right on time, I threw my suitcase in the trunk of The Beatles’ car and scooted in next to John.
“Good morning, love” John said as he pulled me closer to him.
“Good morning” I greeted.
“Hello” Brian said and smiled. Brian was so polite and proper. The Beatles had such an attachment to him, he was like their father. Brian looked after everything and made everything go so smoothly.
We arrived at the Port Authority, and there was a hoard of fans already gathered there to see the Beatles off. The sound of the screaming girls was horrid. We got out of the car and had to fight to get through the sea of teenagers.
We finally found our platform and scrambled onto the train that was taking us to Washington D.C.
I was able to persuade my boss that I would be able to work while I was on tour. I was a reporter, and what better story than to follow The Beatles along their first American tour!
As we sat on the train, the boys went wild. They were bounding around the car, it was a side of John I hadn’t seen. He was with his playmates, and I laughed at the antics they were pulling. They tried fitting George through a door while he was on his side, they played with the radio they had on the car, and took pictures of everything. They were hilarious when they were together, and it was wonderful.
A few hours later we arrived in Washington, and again there was a mass of teenagers screaming on the platform.
Mal and Neil, their roadies, pushed us through and into the car that was waiting for us. It brought us straight to our hotel, where the pack had followed and we again, fought our way to our room.
That night, as we were sitting in our room, John went out on the balcony and stared down on all the fans, still waiting on the side walk. He waved at them and when he did there was a boom of shouts coming from them. John thought it was funny that all those girls were staying on the side walk for hours just to see him and the band. It was silly to him, but as a fan myself, I knew how they felt.
John came inside and he put his arm around me and we walked into the living room area to watch TV. As we sat there, watching I Love Lucy, somehow, a tiny teenage girl had somehow snuck in. She was short and had a big blond beehive, and a mountain of black Egyptian eyeliner on. She peeped her head in the door and, apparently, unable to contain herself, she shouted “GEORGE!!!”
Immediately Neil and Mal bounded at her, and tried to push her out of the door.
“Wait!” I said as they pushed her out “What are you doing?” I said, “that’s my cousin!” I lied, to try to spare the girl. What harm could it do? All she wanted to do was meet George, and I knew what it felt like.
“Really?” Mal asked looking down at the girl
“Yes! I recognized her the second I saw her! Look we even have the same hair!” I said pointing to my blond head and then hers.
“But she yelled George” Neil pointed out.
“Oh, yeah, old childhood nickname. Long, boring story” I said “Well, let go of her” I said. They reluctantly let the girl down, who still said nothing. She looked terrified!
“Why don’t you guys go get some sodas from downstairs?” Paul said as I took the poor girl into the room.
Mal and Neil left and went down stairs and I let the girl sit down.
“Thank you” she finally whispered to me and she smiled. She looked excited now.
“So what’s your name?” I asked
“Judy” she said
“Well hello” George said to her, her face lit up
“hi” she mumbled “Thank you for letting me in” she said to me “why’d you do that?”
“Because I’m a fan too, and I know what you feel like” I said to her. John came behind me and hugged me, and Judy’s face went beet red.
We entertained the girl for a little while, she laughed at their jokes, and she was so happy to meet them.
She walked away with an autograph from all four of them and a hug from George, and a huge grin on her face.


Paul booked us a beautiful suite in a local hotel. It was a lavish space, and there was a large bay window that over looked the ocean.
Our first night we went to a restaurant right next to the hotel, and they treated us like we were royalty. We had some delicious Italian food, as we listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the coast. We looked out the window and the sun was setting on the horizon, and the sky was a lovely pinky orange.
“Let’s take a walk on the beach” Paul suggested one night as we sat in our room.
“sounds like fun” I smiled. I threw on my sandals and we walked right onto the beach form the hotel. We dipped our feet in the water and walked along the squishy sand that was coming between my toes.
As we walked along, and the sun set and turned the sky a lovely tangerine hue we came up on a group of rock on the shore. Paul stopped for a moment, and looked at me.
“Stay here for a moment” he said and dashed behind the rocks before I could say anything.
“what are you doing Paulie?” I asked as he ducked behind a onyx colored boulder.
“One second” His voice echoed. “Close your eyes” he instructed. I did as he said, wondering what he was doing. I took a deep whiff of the ocean breeze that was passing as I waited for Paul to tell me to open my eyes. I felt him come next to me and take my hand.
“Can I open my eyes yet?” I asked
“Not yet, not yet. Just walk with me” He said and lead me a few steps before stopping me.
“OK, open” he said.
I opened my eyes and Paul was kneeling in front of me holding a clam shell in his palm.
“What are you doing?” I asked, but I was pretty sure I knew what he was doing.
“Listen, I know we’ve only been going out for a few months, but hell, I love you (Your name). And there’s no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with than you. So what do you say (your name)” Paul said as he opened the clam shell “Will you marry me?”
I gasped, and I felt like I couldn’t breath. Paul picked up the ring and slipped it on my finger. It was a beautiful square cut ring in a yellow gold band. On either side of the diamond was small rows of tinier diamonds. I felt my self begin to choke up, and I looked at the ring as it shone in the sun set. Then I looked at Paul, who looked so happy, and in love. I felt a rush of happiness and I just gleamed.
“Uh, (Your name)?” Paul said. I looked at him with a smile and tilted my head as if to ask him what.
“I kind of need an answer” he said with a small laugh.
“Oh, yes. Yes I’ll marry you!” I grinned. Paul’s smile stretched even wider across his face and he stood up and kissed me. We were so happy, and we loved each other.
I was going to be Mrs. McCartney!


I was distraught when I learned that my parents wanted me and Leah home. I went straight to the phones and called home.
“Hello?” my mother answered in her sing-song-y voice.
“Mom, you can’t make me come home!” I immediately shouted at her.
“(your name), you are coming home, and that’s it” she said, calmly.
“Well why?” I demeaned.
“Because I don’t want you and Leah around all those musicians, your father and I know about all the things they do, and we don’t want them influencing you. So you are coming home now” she said, in a more angry tone.
“I’m not doing it, I’m staying” I protested
“No, your father is on his way to get you and Leah, you have no choice. And we know all about those Beatles boys you and your sister have attached yourselves to”
“You don’t know them mom! They’re so kind, and they care about us, and honestly it’s none of your business if we see those ‘Beatles boys’!” I yelled at her. On the other end you could hear a pin drop, I had never yelled at my mother, very much less never even told her no. There was a lot of ire in me and that was the last straw.
“(your name)” my mother said, and then stopped. She was at a loss for words, I had stunned her when I yelled at her.
“Your father is on his way there, he’ll be there any minuet. You’re coming home” she said softly, so much that I could barely hear her. Tears began to fill my eyes and I slammed the phone back on the receiver. I sprinted outside where George, Pattie, Leah, Ringo, and Jenny were waiting. MY face was covered in tears and I was hyperventilating.
“What’s wrong?” Leah asked
“Are you alright dear?” Pattie inquired.
George took me in his arms and clung me to his chest like plastic wrap. I tried to calm down but I couldn’t. My breaths were heavy and my face was scarlet and wet. I sat down on a rock and everyone gathered around me and George rubbed my back to calm me down. I relaxed and my breathing slowed, and my face became a pinker color.
“What’s the matter love?” Leah questioned again.
“Dad’s coming. Right now” I said as I wiped tears from my face with my sleeve.
Even though she already knew, Leah’s jaw dropped to the floor and she looked distraught. She collapsed into Ringo’s chest and held him.
“You’re leaving? But why? You just arrived!” Pattie said
“It’s because my parents believe because you’re all musicians, you’re going to influence me and my sister” I explained.
“That makes no sense!” Jenny protested
“Yeah, what just because I play in a band, that makes me out to be some drug lord who wants to seduce little girls?” George added, then scoffed. “Don’t worry, we’ll find our way out of this fix” Ringo reassured as he patted Leah on the head.
“But they’re our parents, they can make us do what ever they want” I corrected.
“There’s not much you can do” Leah continued
“No, there must be something we can do!” George said as he stood up.
“What are you going to do? Adopt me?” I sarcastically added.
Then it looked like a light bulb went off over George’s head. He turned to me and smiled


I was so aflutter the day Ringo came back from his tour. He did as he said and called everyday, and wrote letters by the dozens, but there was nothing like just sitting with him and watching time go by, or feeling his hand go through my hair.
I went to the airport and I was so happy to see him. When I arrived Cynthia, Jane and Pattie were there. We sat in the terminal waiting for the boys to come home, and thankfully this time there were no obsessed fans screaming and crying.
I sat next to Cynthia while we waited and she looked over to me.
“Are you Ringo’s girlfriend?” she asked
“Yes” I smiled and nodded.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Cynthia” she said and extended her hand.
“I’m (your name)” I said. And from there we hit it off. Cynthia had a pram next to her, with her and John’s baby Julian inside. We played with Julian, and chatted for a while. I liked Cynthia, she was from Liverpool also, and we chatted about our home town.
We saw the boy’s plane come in and we rushed outside to welcome them home. Ringo came down the stairs and I rushed over and embraced him.
“Hello love” he said after I released him from a tight squeeze.
“I missed you!” I said
“I missed you too” he smiled “let’s get out of here” he said and took my hand and we walked out of the airport, and to my car.
“Your place or mine?” I asked
“How about ours?” Ringo suggested.
“I want you to live with me” he said. I stopped dead in my tracks “really?”
“Yes I want to be with you all the time” he said.
“Alright, then let’s go to our place” I smiled. I was so happy, I was going to be living with Ringo. We were really in love, and it felt so amazing.
We returned to our house, and Ringo threw his bags on the floor and let out a long breath. “Feels good to be home” he said.
“Great to have you home” I said as I kissed his nose.
“Let me make you dinner” I said and walked into the kitchen. I opened the cabinets and started to make a big dinner for me and Ringo. He went into the bedroom to unload his things, and when he was done he came behind me as I was stirring a pot of pasta and grabbed my sides.
“Don’t do that!” I squealed ‘I’m ticklish there!”
“Oh really?” Ringo said slyly.
“Yes really” I smiled.
Ringo snuck up behind me and grabbed my sides again, sending more tickles down my spine.
“That’s it” I playfully warned. I lunged at him and tickled him back and we were on the floor in a tickling match, laughing hysterically. Ringo was on top of me and he looked at me with his big blue eyes.
“I love you” I said happily.
“I love you too” Ringo said and pressed his lips to mine…

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