P.S. I Love You

My New Beatles Love Story :) Hope you like it!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Sorry this took a while. I've been sick and i didn't want to write while i was coughing up a lung :P Here you go!
Oh P.S. I changed it from 'you' to 'I'

Ch. 2- Every Little Thing
Me and John walked through the streets of the Village, and we stumbled our way into the very edge of the Upper East Side. I noticed, he keeps snatching looks at me, but looks away when I go to glance at him.
“Ok, I know this isn’t tea, but you must try this stuff!” I said as I brought John into one of New York’s greatest restaurants, Serendipity’s.
“A seat for two please” I said to the very French looking waiter
He looks at the book in front of him and then back at me with his nose in the air “Sorry ma’am it will be a 2 hour wait” he says.
“Well, eh my friend here is new in town so I was hoping to show him one of the best restaurants in New York” I said as I signal to John who is standing next to me. The waiter takes a look at John and his eyes widen.
“Oh, eh I did not see you there sir, right this way Miss” he says and takes two menus in his hand.
Me and John took a seat in a comfy little booth next to a window, looking over Times Square.
“May I start you off with something to drink?” the waiter asks
“Two frozen hot chocolates please” I tell him without even looking at the menu.
“Yes ma’am” he says as he scribbles it down and walks away.
“Wow, you are quite assertive” John remarks
“I have been told that before” I giggled “Is this your first time being in New York?” I asked, trying to make conversation
“Yeah, I’ve been here a few days, but I haven’t gotten to see it, because of all the fans screaming and chasing me and the band. I can’t go anywhere without being mauled” John says “I’m surprised I haven’t been badgered already!”
“Oh, if this is your first time in New York you need to see the city! I love living here, there’s so much to do and see!” I said
“Do you suppose you could be my personal tour guide in a way Miss (YN)?” John asks as he looks out the window, down at times square.
“I would love to! I can show you and the band all around tomorrow if you like” I told him, with a surplus of excitement in my voice.
“Well I was thinking it more be just you and me having a day in the city. If you like I mean” John says, turning a little red.
“Well there is nothing wrong with that” I said with a smile.
Just as John is about to say something, Frenchy comes back with your frozen hot chocolates. He places the silver try on the table and places the 2 glass ice cream style cups in front of me and John. “would you like anything to eat?” asked Frenchy.
“Do you like peanut butter?” I asked John, again overly excited.
“I love it!” John exclaims, a little too loud for the quiet atmosphere of the restaurant.
“Ok, then 2 orders of the peanut butter truffles” I order for us. Frenchy walks away leaving me with John.
“So you were born in the city I guess, seeing as you are so infatuated with it” John asked me.
“Yes, just down on 33rd street over there, at Saint Jude’s” I said pointing out the window.
“I like that name, Jude” John smiles widely “I was born in a boring working class town during the war, but I guess you already knew that, little fan girl”
“I did. Well you’re a famous rock star, lots of people know things about you” I replied, trying to play off the fact that I have the biggest crush on John.
“I suppose so. And Can I just say, you have great taste in food, this stuff is great! I love it, it’s an oxymoron and tasty” John comments about his frozen hot chocolate.
“Oh then try a truffle, it’s amazing” I said, and picked one up off my plate that Frenchy just delivered to feed to John. I pop it in his mouth and he smiled.
“New York has such better food compared to Liverpool. English food is just awful!” he says after downing the chocolate ball in half a second.
“Glad you like it. You seem like a real New Yorker at heart” I said after a moment
“I would love to live here, but until the band breaks up someday, I’m afraid I’ll be all over the world” John says as he takes yet another look at the city.
Me and John sat and talked for hours over our frozen hot chocolate and truffles (which didn’t last long).
“Do you know the time?” John asks me after a moment of silence.
“it’s 9:22” I said, surprised myself that we were sitting there for 3 and a half hours.
“Oh sht Brian is going to kill me!” he exclaims “Uh, do you know the best way to the Waldof Astoria?” John says as he dumps some money on the table for the food, as we start to leave.
“Uh we’re going to need a bus or something, that’s about 4 city blocks, aka 10 normal blocks.
“Crap!” John says as we exit the restaurant. He runs to the street curb and starts waving his hand frantically and yelling ‘Taxi!’. After a minuet of watching John fail to hail a cab, I stepped up as a yellow car approached and whistled loudly, and placed my leg in the street. John looks at me wide eyed as the cab pulls over.
“I guess it’s true that New Yorkers are the most interesting people” John comments
“Well I live near here, so I’ll meet you at the Astoria tomorrow?” I asked, hopefully.
“Of course, I’ll be in the lobby at 10. See you then love” John yells from the window as the cab pulls away.
Then I think to myself “John Lennon just called me ‘love’. Oh. My. Beatles!”

Ch. 2- Maybe I’m Amazed

“First time in London?” I asked Paul as we walked down the King’s Road. “Well I’m at Abbey Road all the time, but I never get to go out around London. I’m surprised Brian is letting us do this” Paul confesses to me.
“Well, I’m going to have to show you around then” I said
"I would like that" Paul smiles at me "It's weird to think that I've worked in this city for two yeas and all I know is the inside of Abbey Road"
"Well, to start off this is the King's Road, it's all shopping, and coffee shops, and little posh clubs" I told him "And this is one of my favorite spots" I said as I took his hand and pull him into a small cafe that says "Notes Music & Coffee" on the door
We walked into the cafe and Paul looks around at the modern looking cafe. The walls are a deep brown, and have impressionist paintings on the walls, with fancy wire tables lining the walls. We grabbed a cup from the buffet style of 30 different flavors and roasts. We sat down under neath a very Van Gogh esque painting.
"So what else is there to do in London other than shop and drink some fancy Caribbean vanilla blend of coffee?" Paul giggles
"well there's tons of clubs and pubs to go to. I'm actually going to this one club Ministry of Sound tonight, if you want to go" I offered
"That sounds gear. I'll be there" Paul says and smiles. He looks at his watch as he takes a sip of his coffee "Well we need to be back soon, do you want to start walking?" He asks
"Sure" I say as I take a long slug of coffee and then toss the paper cup in the trash can.
We walked down the road enjoying the spring air, and arrived at the Mary Quant shop and saw everyone waiting for us.
"OK Ladies and Beatles, let's go up stairs, the photographer is waiting" Mary says to the large group.
We are lead up a flight of spiral stairs into an all white room with big, bright lights and a photographer with a pointy beard, and a tiny pair of glasses perched on his thin nose.
"Ok first can I have Ms. Boyd, Miss June, and Mr. Harrison first" the photographer says in a Spanish accent, wasting no time. Next Maureen, Ringo, and Belinda work with Mr. Espanol as Paul named him, then Mary, John, and Jennifer. All of them looked stunning in their shots, and it makes me a little nervous, and even more nervous that I'm doing the shots solo with Paul.
After the other groups are done John says to Paul and me "We're going to be down stairs waiting for you"
Paul nodded and I lead him in front of the camera.
"OK, so the theme for your shoot is 'The Swinging London Couple' so don't be afraid to get close." When the photographer said 'couple' I blushed, and Paul did a little too.
At first you are both very awkward, and don't know what to do, then you take the lead...

Ch. 2- Something
The next morning me and Leah woke up at 7 am to get ready for our meditation course, with the Beatles!
"Do you think we'll actually get to talk to them?" I asked Leah
"Maybe, if we don't act like crazy fans we might" she says as she brushes her red hair.
"You're right. I can't believe mom is letting us do this!" Leah says excitedly.
"Yeah, I mean she's letting us take two weeks off of school for this!" I replied
After about 20 minuets you and Leah head out the door with your duffle bags and head to the Maharishi's temple. When we arrived there was a throng of people already there, sitting on the floor, waiting for the Maharishi to get on his pedestal and start teaching.
"I wonder where they are?" I asked Leah.
"Probably in the front, that's probably where all the celebrities are" Leah commented.
"Yeah, should we try to get up there?" Leah asked
"No, let's stay back here. We'll see them eventually" and after I said that, a roar of applause starts. The Maharishi is now at the front of the room and sitting in front of a statue of a Hindu God. Me and Leah begin to clap, and I hear him start to talk.
"Transcendental Meditation is about having an experience that brings you closer to God. The technique is simple. First I want you to close your eyes" he instructs, and we do as we are told. "Now I want you all to chose a single word and repeat that to yourself" he says.
and for the next half an hour I repeated my word, which we were instructed to keep a secret then the Maharishi rings a gong and says 'open your eyes'
when I opened them you feel amazing.
"That was one of the most amazing experiences of my life" I whispered to Leah.
"I know, it was like, i was out of my body" Leah replied to me.
"Another part of achieving balance, is good eating, there is breakfast waiting for you" he says and motions to the door. The throng of people rush outside, but me and Leah waited to the side until we could comfortably exit.
Me and Leah grabbed some food, and looked around the cafeteria like room for somewhere to sit. We found a small table next to a window. As we are eating, we see two shadows come next to us.
"Can we sit with you ladies?" one of them asks
'My Sweet Lord' I thought when I looked up. It's George Harrison and Ringo Starr!
"of course!" I smiled

Ch 2- Angle in Disguise
I woke up in a hospital bed the next morning to the pain of a nurse injecting me with something.
"Ow!" I shouted, which woke up Sarah, who was asleep in the chair next to my bed
"Good Morning (YN)" Sarah said to me "feeling any better?" she asks
"My head is a little better" I admit.
"Well, dude I think you are going to feel a lot better when you see who your room mate is" she smiles
"Why?" I asked, curious as to who was on the other side of the curtain.
Sarah gets up from her chair and slides away the peach colored curtain.
"Say hello" she mouthed, as my jaw dropped when I saw a sleeping Ringo Starr next to me.
"This has to be a dream!" I whisper yelled.
"It's not, i heard the nurses saying his name all night when they came in an check both your vitals.
"Hey, I'm going to get some food from the cafeteria, want some?" Sarah asked me.
"Yes please!" I said and smiled. When Sarah left the room i snuck a look over to the left of me. I was freaking out that Ringo Starr was next to me! and in a hospital of all places.
After a minuet Ringo wakes up and looks around.
"Hey, you we're here last night" Ringo says in a scratchy voice.
"I came in last night at like 3 am" I said, trying to act cool and nonchalant.
"Oh, well I'm Ringo. What are you in for?" he says to the best of his ability.
"I had a killer head ache, i thought my head was going to explode" you explain "what about you?" I asked
"Tonsils" he says and points to his throat
"aw, that must be awful" I said
"Not really, it gets me away from touring for a few days" he laughs
"Oh, well I guess i have a good reason to miss college" I giggled
"What are you going to college for?" Ringo asked me
"Nursing" I smiled
"Really, that's interesting" he asks, genuinely interested
"Not as interesting as your life I bet" i said
"No, trust me, touring and screaming fans gets annoying" he says
I just smiled at him, and he smiled back "You're very pretty you now" Ringo says
"Thank you" I smiled shyly, and tried so hard not to blush.
"Hey, how about we get out of this room? it's a bit depressing don't you think?" Ringo says
"Well, where are we supposed to go?" I asked
"Trust me, i basically grew up in hospitals, we can find something to do" he says as he lifts him self up. He walks over to my bed and offers his hand to help me up.
We walk into the hallway and we both spot 2 wheel chairs basically calling our names, we shuffled over and sat in the chairs.
"Race you down the hall!" Ringo said and started pushing.

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