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My New Beatles Love Story :) Hope you like it!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Ch. 3- I Want To Hold Your Hand
I woke up the next morning, overly excited to give John a tour of the city. I loved showing people around the place I grew up, Canal Street, South Street Seaport, the Wollman Ice Rink, China Town, and of course Central Park. I made my way over to the Astoria to meet John in the lobby like we had planned. I waltzed in, gracefully as I could and scanned the room for John. Quickly I spotted a pair of navy pants, pointy boots, and a copy of the New York Times sitting in the corner; obviously John trying to act nonchalant.
I walked over to John and said “So where to first? Lower Manhattan? A museum? Or maybe a park?”
John peeks up from his news paper cautiously and then smiles “Nice to see you again (YN)” he says and takes my hand.
“Likewise” I replied with a big grin on my face.
“So, I was thinking we could go to Canal Street and Times Square first” I said leading John into the brisk New York January air.
“Sounds gear, lead the way” John says and steps aside for me.
I lead John down the busy streets of New York, weaving in and out of traffic and finally reached Canal Street, filled with shops and restaurants, and the one that catches John’s eye is a guitar shop.
“Do you want to go in?” I asked seeing John eyeing guitars in the window.
“If you don’t mind” he replies
“Not at all”
After I said that John runs into the store like a little kid who just say Santa with a sack of toys.
We entered the store and the tinkle of a small bell went off, John bee lined for a beautiful Rickenback Guitar. It was a glossy apple red along the edges and faded to a golden orange in the center. The wood neck held its six strings and I could tell John was in love.
“You like it?” I asked
“I love it!” he shouted as he took it off the stand and strummed a tune. As John strummed, a very happy looking gentleman, who introduced himself as the owner of the store came over to me and John.
“It’s a lovely instrument isn’t it?” he asked
“It is. How much?” John asked the owner
“25 bucks” he replies shortly
John fishes in his pocket and hands the man a wad of money, not caring if he handed him 5 dollars or 50 dollars, but the man looked happy and walked away.
“Do you think we can go to Central park next? I’ve written a song and I want to show it to you” John said to me after the man was a safe distance away.
”Of course, It’s not that far from here” I said and I lead John out of the store and a few block over to central Park, where John was looking around, mesmerized by all the statues, fountains, people, and pigeons in the park. Finally we found a spot in the park under some trees, right near West Drive and Central Park West.
“So what’s this song you told me about?” I asked after we sat down on a bench that was clear of snow.
“It’s called ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’. I wrote it last night” he told me.
“Really? Well, can you play it?” I asked as I turned a little red, figuring it was for me, and from the chilly air.
“Ok, but it sounds a little strange acoustic” he says.
“It’s alright, I don’t mind”
“Here goes nothing” he says and beings to play cords ‘Oh yeah I’ll tell you something, I think you’ll understand. When I say that something. I want to Hold your hand. I want to hold you hand. I want to hold you hand. Oh please, say to me, you’ll let me be your man…” John sings me the songs and I think it is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.
“John, that was amazing!” I said as I gave him a hug.
“Hey, I’ll let you in on a little secret” John said, and waved a finger for me to come closer to him. I scotched over and leaned next to him.
“It’s about you” he whispered into my ear
“Oh, thank you John” I said giving him another hug.
John pulled me away and looked me in the eyes, then pulled me back, and kissed me.

Ch. 3- Oh! Darling

As me and Paul are being Photographed, I can see Mr. Espanol getting annoyed. After a few snaps of the camera he lowers the lens and says “No, no, no! I said ‘Swinging London Couple’ not ‘Awkward teeny bopper and Beatle!’ now give me some good shots!”
That got me mad, I was a good model, and if he wanted good shots, I was going to give him them. I took Paul’s hand, and put his arm around me. He smiled, and so did I. We got playful, and Paul picked me up, I hugged him, and we had fun, which satisfied our picky photographer. When we finished we joined the others down stairs in the shop where they were having tea.
“Finally done?” George asked when me and Paul sit with them.
“We didn’t take that long” Paul said to his band mate. Paul then looks at me and smiles, and I returned the gesture.
“So lads, back to the hotel?” John suggests after taking a sip of tea.
“Yeah I guess” Ringo says as he places down his cup.
“Well, I’ll meet up with you guys in a bit I’m going to this club with (YN)” he says as he smiles at me again.
“Ok then Paulie, just remember your curfew is 9:30, no drinking, no drugs, no dancing, and no fun” John Jokes.
“Aw mum!” Paul play whines to John.
After that The Beatles leave, and me and Paul head to The Ministry of Sound. As we walked over to the club I looked at Paul who has a smile on his face.
“Why so happy?” I asked him, smiling myself.
“I just never get to got out, and I’m glad I get to spend it with such a pretty girl”
“You really think I’m pretty?” I asked, as I bushed a bright red.
“Yes, why you don’t think so?” he asked me
“Well I grew up with three brothers and a dad, so I was a bit of a tom boy growing up, and never really had anyone call me pretty” I confided in Paul.
“Well, trust me, you look beautiful” he said again, assuring me I looked above average.
“well thank you” I smiled.
When we reached the club music was blasting, people were dancing and the entire club was swinging.
“Come on let’s dance!” I said as I took Paul’s hand and dragged him on the dance floor. Not to my surprise, Paul was quite a good dancer. We danced for hours into the night, and he was cracking jokes the whole time, and making me laugh like a hyena.
As the night winds down me and Paul decided to head home, being the gentleman that he is he walked me to my apartment.
“I had a lovely time” he tells me with a shy smile across his cute, boyish face.
“So did I” I admit as I smiled brightly in the moonlight
“You know, I’d really like to see you again” Paul said to me, as he took my hand in his and swung it back and forth.
“I’d like that too”
“The Beatles are doing a show in town on Saturday if you’d like to come” he offered.
“I’ll be there” I said instantly.
“Gear” Paul said, and with out hesitation he leaned in and kissed me, and I thought I was going to faint!
“I’ll defiantly be there” I said when he pulled away.

Ch. 3- Beautiful Girl

George and Ringo sit with me and Leah and begin to eat their breakfast, and me and Leah look at each other in disbelief. Finally, to not seem like a speechless idiot I asked “So, uh why are you not eating with John and Paul?”
“Oh, them” Ringo said as he rolled his eyes and then took an angry bite from an apple.
“They’re being a bit, let’s say cocky at the moment” George explained for his angry band mate.
“Oh, I’m sorry” Leah said after George explained
“It’s quite alright. They’ll be over it soon enough, but it’s nice to dine with two lovely ladies such as your selves” Ringo says and smiles at the both of you, but mostly Leah.
“Yeah, so where are you two from?” George asks
“We live here, in Rishikesh” I responded.
“Wow, really? Were you born here? You don’t look or sound Indian at all” George remarks.
“No, we were born in London, but our dad moved here to help the local people because he’s a doctor and we’ve been here a couple of years” Leah explained.
“Wow, that’s extraordinary” Ringo adds.
“We’re really proud of our dad. So how’d you find out about the meditation?” I asked.
“it’s funny, my ex-girlfriend actually got me into it. We broke up about a month ago. Then I told the lads about it and then next thing we know we’re all coming to India” George tells us.
“Oh, I’m sorry about you’re girlfriend” I said to George, even though I really wasn’t, I was more glad that I could get closer to George.
“it’s alright, I’m just glad I’m here to get away from it all, and all the crazy fans in England, I think you two are the only ones who know who the Beatles are!” George says happily.
“Yeah, it’s nice getting away from screaming fans. It’s odd not having a head ache from all the people bothering us for autographs” Ringo adds to the comment his band mate made.
“That does sound awful. You know if you want, we could show you around Rishikesh after breakfast” I offered to them, Leah nodding in agreement.
“That sounds gear, I’d love to get out and see this town” George says “What about you Ringo?”
“I’d like that too, and some fresh air wouldn’t be bad either” Ringo says flashing a bright smile that matches his bright eyes, which you can tell is making Leah melt.
After you all eat, you lead the two Beatles outside and into the warm Indian air. You lead them to the Ganges River where there are lots of interesting people, like belly dancers, snake charmers, sitar players, and fire eaters. Leah and Ringo decide to stop and watch a man walk across a bed of nails, and you and George walk along the Ganges, away from the loud market.
“So is this what you expected India to be?” I asked him
“Not exactly, I didn’t imagine it being so full of life, I imagined it much more rural” George explains.
“You should spend more time here, it can be a lot of fun” I said as we sat on the river bank and dipped our feet into the water.
“I also didn’t think I’d meet such a beautiful girl” George said as he looked into my eyes with his deep chocolate colored ones. I blushed an array of shades of red and mumbled ‘Thank you’
“You know, you’re not like most fan girl, most girls would have screamed and begged for an autograph when me and Ring came over to sit, but you didn’t” George said and smiled widely and stretched the hairy caterpillar on the top of his lip.
“I guess I’m not like most girls” I shrugged.
“No you’re not” George said, as he moved a little closer to me, and placed his hand on top of mine.
“Well, the afternoon class is starting soon, would you like to go back?” he asked.
“I’d love to” I said. George stood up first, and held out his hand to help me up and he held my hand the whole way back to the camp.

Ch.3- I Want To Be Your Man

After Ringo started pushing his wheelchair down the hall, I pushed mine with all my strength to catch up to him. We raced down the hall and weaved past nurses and doctors. I caught up with Ringo and I saw the end of the hall and I raced to the end, and crashed into a gurney. A nurse came over and looked at me and Ringo who were sitting on the floor laughing.
“Honestly, this isn’t the pediatric floor, back to your room please” she says, looking over us both. Me and Ringo both hung our head to keep ourselves from snickering. We wheeled ourselves back to our room and get back in bed and decide to turn on the TV. Seeing as it’s Saturday, I put on channel 7 and watch the Beatles cartoon.
“You really watch this?” Ringo asks
“Yes! It’s hilarious! Don’t you watch your own cartoon?” I asked him, as I watch the cartoon Ringo talk about the 1,000th performance of a musical version of Hamlet that he also directed and played all the parts.
“Ha ha! I ever knew I could do that!” Ringo remarked.
“Wait watch the others, they’re great” I told him. Then we watched Paul try to find a cure for yellow fever, George being a really awesome spy, ad John being a fighter pilot. By the end of the episode me and Ringo are in stiches because of the hysterical antics.
“So is this the most fun you’ve ever had in the hospital?” Ringo asks me.
“Yeah I’d say so” I say as I look Ringo in his big blue eyes. As me and Ringo are looking at each other, Sarah finally comes back with the food she set out to find a while ago.
“You know, (YN) this place is like a maze. I spent half this time just trying to find my way there!” Sarah exclaims as she comes in with a half eaten tray of food. She sets it down on the table next to your bed and you look at it.
“Oh, I kind of got hungry, trying to find my way back here, sorry” Sarah giggles apologetically.
“Oh, it’s fine, well Sarah, meet my room mate. Sarah this is Ringo, Ringo this is my best friend Sarah.”
“Lovely to meet you” Ringo says as he waves at her.
“Nice to meet you” she says back to him. Ringo takes another look at you, in a very doting way. Sarah notices, and says “oh uh, I think I left the oven on at home, I’ll be back in a bit. Do you need anything at home (YN)?”
I shook my head no and winked at her ‘thank you’. With that Sarah left and it was again, me and Ringo.
I could tell Ringo liked me, and I was excited, a famous rock star liked me, a girl from some small town he’s probably never heard of.
“Hey, since we’re in trouble for our illegal wheel chair racing want to play a different game?” Ringo asks you.
“Sure” I reply.
“Ok, it’s called would you rather, have you ever played?” he asked
“Yes! I love this game, do you want to start?” I asked
“Sure, would you rather eat 20 pounds of cabbage or eat 20 pounds of peanut butter?” he asked.
After laughing I said “20 pounds of peanut butter because cabbage smells terrible. OK live in a box for a month or live in prison for a month?”
“hmm, I’d probably get lonely in that box, so prison, at least I get 3 meals a day. Alright, dress like a man for a year or dress like a clown for a year?” he asked.
“I’d have to say a man, because I do like the Beatle suits you and the band wear” I said “Um, be blind or be deaf?”
“now that’s a hard one! If I was blind I couldn’t see your beautiful face, but if I was deaf, I wouldn’t be able to hear your pretty voice” he smiled shyly “I draw! Um would you rather go home after leaving here or go out somewhere with me?” Ringo asks.
I smiled widely and said “Go somewhere with you”
“It’s a date then I guess” Ringo smiles.
“The day we get out of here, I’d be delighted to spend the day with you”

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