My Bucket List

I saw someone had posted their bucket list, and so I thought to myself, 'self, why not post yours?'
so here ya go:

Chapter 1

Things I wanna do before I die

by: m3rcy616
1. Become a luthier, guitar tech, or audio engineer. (It's possible to do all three, just not necessarily at the same time.)

2. Get an apprenticeship in one of the local music shops.

3. Get my Post Mortem cd (by Black Tide) signed by all of the band members.
(They'll be in my state for Uproar on Wednesday, so that'll be easy to get to happen.)

4. Win a contest, just once. lol

5. at some point in my life, acquire my dream car. (a restored 1967 or 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7.)

6. Marry someone who I can see myself spending the rest of my life with.

7. Travel to Germany.

8. Go one a real camping trip.

9. Eventually become a mother.

10. Come to eventually own a house. (will mostly likely buy a house that's been foreclosed on when that time comes around.)

11. Attend Wave Gotik Treffen.

12. Reach legal drinking age.

13. Complete my concert-going bucket list.

14. Pay off the trip I'm going on this coming summer.

15. Have all the tattoos I desire finished. (got 7 tats so far. it's a good.)


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