Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

This is about an Angel named Anias. When she falls in love with her human then her father banishes her clipping her wings to Earth. The only way for her to come back is by leaving the love of her life or she chooses to stay mortal for the rest of her life. (I honestly just thought of this story while listening to Fallen Angel by Black veil brides)

Chapter 1

The Bridge of Crossings

"Hey Anias wake up!" Somebody was pounding on my head extremely hard. "Wake up or you're going to miss the trip to the mortal world!"
I groaned. The only person who had the nerve to wake me up for school would have to be my elder brother Alexander. "Why would I want to go to the mortal world? You've heard stories about it, its a horrible place and no mates well enough to be proud of." I sat up and stretched. "Besides, all this really is is to get a mortal and be his or her guardian angel."
He shrugged, "What ever, but I think you're getting paired someone almost like you. Different and into that rock music." He shook his head disapprovingly. "Don't know how you're into that junk."
"Its not junk!" I yelled then covered my mouth.
He tossed my mortal clothes at me, "Just get dressed and hurry up, the call off is in ten minutes." I sighed. Who does he think he is telling me what to do. I pulled on my ripped skinny jeans and a black tee. I slipped on my sneakers and then went down to the Bridge of Crossings. The Bridge of Crossings is a bridge that takes angels to the mortal world without having their wings clipped. Nobody is really a loud to pass without permission. There were about fifty-thousand angels my age and that will be assigned to a mortel to protect. No angel in history has ever failed their duties except for the first one. His name is Lucifer. Surprisingly enough he was my brother until he was banished from going power crazed.
A flash of lightning appeared and Gabriel one of the most important Angels stood before us. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes in the universe! His long blond hair was tied back and his halo shined brighter than the sun. He had a scroll in his hand. "Now as many of you know this is the day where you find your human you guard for the rest of their mortal lives." People started mumbling with excitement. I sighed, whats the point? They're going to die in a few years anyways. "You will be put into a catapult like this, " he moved over and there were rows and rows of catapults. "and launched to your human. Now when I call your name, step into the first catapult available."
I zoned out for a bit because I didn't want to see the first launched. I knew how it worked already. Next thing you know I'm being pushed out front. Gabriel look at me, "How kind of you to listen. Your human's name is Andy Sixx. I'm sure you'll be found of him," he paused and looked at me in a disgusted way, "He's your type." I think I know what he was going to say. I shot him a look and went into the catapult. Alexander waved at me as there was an unearthly scream going into my ears. The catapult launched.
Everything became a blur and then I suddenly saw mortels everywhere. I was awestruck at how many mortals there were. The stories I've heard about this world, they're all wrong. "Excuse me, but what is a pretty thing like you doing here?" I jumped and looked to the voices direction. My mouth dropped. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes that complimented his black hair. He was six foot two and looked about in his twenties, if I had to guess he was twenty. He smiled, "What, is there something on my face?"
I shook my head, "No, n-not at all!" I stammered.
He smiled, "Great. I haven't seen you around here, what's your name?"
He frowned, "That will be a hard name to remember, can I just call you Ann or Annie?"
"Ann would be just fine." I smiled. I felt my ears go pink.
"I'm Andy, Andy Sixx." I felt a bomb go off after I heard that. This man, this gorgeous man was my human. "Out of curiosity, have you listened to any of my bands songs?"
"Black Veil Brides?" he nodded, "Yeah I love you guys, almost heard every song." He smiled. I almost forgot that I'm going to be here for a week. "Hey do you mind showing me around? I don't really know where I'm going or where I'm going to sleep."
"Yeah sure! You can crash with me." he wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me a little closer to him, "As long as you don't mind girlfriend."
I smiled, "Yeah I don't mind." I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head but ignored it because the Angels weren't listening and they're not going to know unless if I slip up. He smiled and we started walking around town.
I found out he was on tour so we were only going to stay for a while in this town. He told me the marvelous things that happen down here and then we went shopping for clothes for me. I was embarrassed that he had to pay for me, but he was totally cool with it. We stopped at this place that had what mortals called pizza. It tasted ever so good! It started getting dark so we headed for the hotel he was staying at. He bought me a room right across from his and then we headed upstairs to my room. "I had fun with you." I smiled.
"I'm glad you did, you know for an out of towner your seem to be extremely fun." he kissed my forehead, "Sweet dreams love."
I smiled as he walked away, "Sweet dreams." Is all that came out of my mouth. After I got ready for bed I tucked underneath the covers and rested my head on the pillows. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has to bring. TBC

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