Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

This is about an Angel named Anias. When she falls in love with her human then her father banishes her clipping her wings to Earth. The only way for her to come back is by leaving the love of her life or she chooses to stay mortal for the rest of her life. (I honestly just thought of this story while listening to Fallen Angel by Black veil brides)

Chapter 2

The truth

The next few days were like paradise! Andy took me to see Paranormal Activities 2 and I was holding on to him throughout the whole movie. We went to the carnival, shared ice cream, and he played a few songs for me on his acoustic guitar. I liked Rebel Love song the most. We were heading down to the mall when my fears started showing up. In the distance I saw my brother Alexander walking around looking for me. I tugged on Andy's arm, "Hey babe, do you think it's really necessary to buy popcorn right now?"
He looked at me and shrugged, "Well I guess not why do you—"
"Anias!" I groaned and saw my brother stomping through the crowd with anger on his face.
"Who's that?" Andy looked at me curiously.
"That's my brother, Alex."
Before we had a chance to run away Alexander grabbed my arm tightly. "Who is this!?" He demanded glaring at Andy.
"This is Andy Sixx my—"
"I'm her boyfriend, and if you don't mind," he took Alexander's hand off my arm "I would like you to leave her alone." Alexander's face became full of hatred and it looked like he was going to kill him.
I pulled Andy away from him and panic started filling my thoughts, "Andy I need you to promise me you'll find me when a bright light hits Earth,"
He looked confused, "What do you mean? Babe, what's going on?"
A tear rolled down my cheek, "I'll explain everything later ok? Just promise me you'll go strait to where the bright light hits Earth."
He looked worried then hugged me, "I promise." He leaned in for a kiss, but Alexander pulled me away and out into the Alley way. I didn't know that Andy was following carefully behind us and was spying through a window.
"I can't believe you! You broke the number one rule in being a guardian angel!" He started pacing around back and forth, "Do you know what will happen?" he grabbed my arms and for the first time he looked scared, "they'll clip your wings!" I looked down at my shoes, "How did this happen in the first place?" He was rubbing his forehead.
"It-it just happened. Love at first sight I guess."
"You guess!? How could you fall in love with a mortal!? You even said yourself they weren't worth it!" He shouted.
"They are worth it! When I met Andy and spent the day with him I fell in love with him! He's everything I wanted and everything I need! Can't you accept that?" I started crying.
"I do! Its father and the council you should be worried about!" I looked over and saw Andy's reflection in the window. I couldn't tell if he was confused or utterly scared.
"Alexander, I love him and I don't want to lose the only thing in my life that actually made me happy." Tears rolled down my cheeks.
He groaned, "I can't believe I'm actually going to do this but—" he was gone in a flash and then came back with Andy, "I have a feeling they'll shoot you back to Earth so then when you come back Andy can come to you with this," he held up one of my teleportation orbs.
"Can somebody tell me what's going on!?" He looked utterly confused. Alexander through golden dust in Andy's eyes, "Dude! What the hell was that for?" He started rubbing them and when he opened his eyes, his mouth dropped.
"There, now he can see our wings." Alexander grumbled.
"You're—You're—" He stuttered.
"Angels," I sighed. "I'm you're guardian angel, but sense I broken the rule I'll lose my wings in about—" there was a bolt of lightning and I was in the judgment hall. "now." I sighed.
I saw my father, the council, and the big man himself. I looked down at my shoes not wanting to face the pain in my fathers face. "Anias! Do you know what you've done?" I heard Gabriel's voice booming in anger.
"I followed my heart," I mumbled.
"Excuse me? No, you did not follow your heart, you broke the ultimate rule!" Gabriel sounded furious, but at the same time pleased like he knew something.
I heard wings flapping and then I was forced to look at my father, "Anias, why?" He cried. For the first time he cried right in front of my face. I berried my face into his chest and started crying. He tried to comfort me and was stroking my wings. He looked strait into my eyes and sighed, "Banish her." I was completely horrified. My father was turning his own back on me.
"Anias, for breaking the ultimate rule and for not being mature like the rest of us, you are revoked of all immortal abilities, you will be shot to Earth and will have your wings clipped. Until you have learned your lesson you can never return again." Gabriel boomed. My father looked disapprovingly and the big man was looking at the council shocked. Gabriel had a smirk on his face and the next thing you know I'm a ball of fire. I screamed in pain and was shot down to Earth faster than light.
I landed in a desert a few hours later and I looked at my wings with what energy I had left. They were black. "Anias!" Alexander came running towards me with Andy following close behind. His face was full of horror, "You're wings, they're b-black."
Andy picked me up off the ground and hugged me, "Alex told me everything," there was pain in his voice, "you didn't have to ruin your life for me if you were only supposed to protect me."
Tears rolled down my cheeks, "I didn't ruin my life, I ruined the chance to live forever." I looked into his deep blue eyes and smiled, "I would rather live the rest of my life with you than with millions of others after you're gone." I smiled then let out an unearthly scream. It felt like every bone in my back was ripping apart and everything was pouring out of two holes. Blood started staining my clothes and my skin making a two foot deep pool. Feathers started decorating the top of the pool and then I got the feeling of everything inside of me was boiling alive. An orb left my body and went up to the heavens. My immortality was gone. I fainted from a loss of blood and lost track of everything.
A few hours later I woke up in a hospital with blood bags all around me. I tried sitting up, "Babe, you might just want to stay down." That voice, was I dead?
"Am I dead?"
A jovial laugh came from Andy, "No silly. You were close too." He adjusted the hospital bed so I could see him and myself. There were white vains running into my body injecting blood.
"How am I still alive? When an angel goes through that stuff they were for sure supposed to die."
"Did those angels have a brother who cared and a boyfriend to bring her to the hospital?" Alexander was standing in the door way smiling and holding something in his hand. I shook my head no, "That's what I thought." He walked towards me and put a bean like object in my hand, "Eat it. It will at least restore you quicker than this mortal stuff."
I shrugged and ate it. It tasted like crap! "What the h3ll was that!?" I gulped down water faster than a fat man after a run on the beach.
"An immortal vitamin. It won't restore you to immortality but it will at least get you back feeling normal."
Andy kissed my forehead, "You should get some rest love, you've had a long day." I kissed him back and then passed out.

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