Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

This is about an Angel named Anias. When she falls in love with her human then her father banishes her clipping her wings to Earth. The only way for her to come back is by leaving the love of her life or she chooses to stay mortal for the rest of her life. (I honestly just thought of this story while listening to Fallen Angel by Black veil brides)

Chapter 3


Andy prov

"Mr," the nurse paused, "I'm sorry, what's your name?" she had a sweet smile,
"Andrew Biersack, but if you don't mind I would rather be called Andy." I smiled back then looked at Ann. She looked so lifeless, but yet so alive; its strange really. I can't believe that she was an angel. A heavy sigh escaped my body and guilt flooded over me.
"Okay Andy, I'm sorry to tell you this but visiting hours are over," she looked over at Ann. "I know this is none of my buisness, but what happened to her? No one in history can survive that much of blood lost and still be able to live to tell."
"She comes from a very—" I struggled what to say next, "A very abusive family that doesn't accept her for who she was so they beat her merciless."
The nurse frowned, "I'll be right back." She left the room.
I pulled a chair next to her bed side and held her hand in mine while tears were running down my face. "This is all my fault. If we never fell in love with each other, you wouldn't have lost everything." Tears fell by the dozen and I couldn't stop them, I didn't want to. "Please don't die on me, please don't die because of me. If you die I'll never forgive myself. I know you family left you and I know you feel alone in this world, but I'm here. I'll always be here. Just please don't die."
Somebody else was crying, I looked at Ann and it wasn't her. I looked at the entrance to see the nurse and the doctor standing by the doorway. Only the nurse was crying and the doctor looked sorry for Ann. He cleared his throat, "Given the circumstances, the board and I have decided you can stay with her. Its against the rules but seeing how we can't watch her or have a body guard for her you can stay." He wrapped an arm around the nurse and walked out with her. I grabbed my phone and texted the others in the band to get over here quickly and meet me in the lobby.
I kissed her forehead and wiped the tears away, "Just hold on, I know you can." I walked out and headed towards the lobby.
The guys came a few minutes later. Jake was the first to come in, "Dude what's going on? Are you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine, but it's Ann that's not,"
"You mean that chick you were talking about over the phone?" Jinxx asked. I nodded, "Dude what happened?"
I looked around the lobby, "Can we take this outside?" They all shrugged and walked out with me.
"Now can you tell us what's going on?"
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you though."
"Try us," they said in unison.
I hesitated and brought myself with enough balls to say it, "She's a fallen angel."
Their mouths dropped. "Yeah right," Jixx mocked "Where's the proof?"
Rage boiled through my vains, "She's in the hospital due to a blood lost after her wings were ripped from her body!" I held up some of her feathers, "Look at me! Am I not covered in her blood!?"
Ash wrapped an arm around my shoulder, "Dude, relax. We get it."
I looked to my left and saw a man with huge wings walked to the entrance of the hospital, he looked at me and his eyes were crimson red. I paled. "Guys we need to get to Ann, right now." I ran inside after the man.
When I got to her room he was standing over her. I went in and pinned him to the wall, "Don't you dare lay a finger on her!" I growled. He chuckled, "What are you laughing at?"
"What can you see?" he asked. His medium length honey suckle hair was covering his left eye.
"Crimon eyes and black wings,"
"Now how would you be able to see me unless—" he paused and chuckled, "I see now she broke a rule didn't she?"
I stared at him, "How would you know?"
"I'm her older brother duh,"
"Alex? That idiot? Nah I'm the first fallen angel Lucifer." He smiled, "You may know me as the devil."
"What? But how?"
"Its strange really and too complicated to explain, but anyways I just came to visit her because I haven't seen her for a long time." He sighed, "She's really the first angel to fall for something she cares for. I only fell because of jealousy. And my father banished me, not the council."
"What's going to happen to her?" I stared into her lifeless body.
"Nothing until my brother Gabriel finds out she's still alive," he paused, "that bastard ruined her life like mine." I looked at him puzzled. "Oh yeah, he didn't like me either. He was jealous of me so he made some lie that said that I should recruit some followers and get more power than him." he sighed, "At first I didn't care, but then I got envious how our father was leader so I considered the fact and then it was my own doing that got me kicked out."
"Then what does he have to gain from her? I mean all she wanted wanted to be different." I squeezed her hand.
"Well, Gabriel doesn't like different and the last time someone was different our father gave all the attention to him. Gabriel is a jealous one so with her out of the way he can be the star angel."
"Well that's just not right." And I thought Earth was screwed up.
"Well I would love to chat forever about our family problems, but I have some souls to touchier," He grinned. "It was nice to meet you Andrew."
"It's Andy!" I growled and before I could sock him in the jaw, he was gone in a flash. A groan came from Ann. I jumped up, "Ann are you okay?"
Her black hair wrapped her face line and she opened her beautiful green eyes and stared into mine. Her face was flawless, "Who was here? I heard voices."
I kissed her forehead, "The doctor sweety, the doctor."
She sat up, "Don't bull sh!tme." She was looking better all ready.
"Your brother Lucifer came by." Her mouth dropped, "I almost punched him though because I thought he came to kill you."
She giggled, "I wish I could have seen him again."
"I'm sure you will later," I smiled and she moved over a little. I joined her and we slept by each other." TBC

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