Lights! Camera!! Beatle Action! (My Story)

Lights! Camera!! Beatle Action! (My Story)

Heyy guys! so we all know in the Beatle world on quibblo theres been a new thread floating around where people tell there birth story on their beatlemaniac persona. so since i actually have time today and i really love the idea i thought i would do so!! so here it comes, how i became a beatlemaniac. Lights! Camera! BEATLE ACTION!!! :D <3

Chapter 1

How It Began.

I've always loved "old" music. I never touched anything besides classic rock. maybe when i was fairly younger, there would be some very slight variety, but not much. like...i used to LOVE smallville, and i had the soundtrack and at the time those songs were more current-y. but i loved them. hey i still do like them actually, just holing onto young childhood...
But my real point is that its always been oldies/classic rock. ALWAYS! Its just how I was raised, I was never intereseted in anything else.
But it really began around 2009. The obsession part of it...
Ha, I bet your thinking beatle obsession. Nope. More like something else. And who do i have to thank other then good old Mr. Ed Sullivan!
My dad was watching a rock and roll add on PBS for the Ed Sullivan show. So i decided to watch it with him, just because i totally love the music! And of course, by the time i had entered the scene, the rolling stones were on. And i completely loveed Mick Jaggers voice and just him himself. I thought he was just great! and the stones were amazing too! so after seeing that, nothing else had mattered. As weeks went by, i found myself as a Rolling Stones freak! All i listened to, all i loved. The begining to an obsession ive never even came close to expirencing.
So i started school with it. People thought i was over the top but i didnt even care. I had lots of friends and people who supported my didnt get me down. However, through out the whole year, there was no one who loved them as much as i do. no one who really got into it like me. so there was really no more foundation as time went on. and as summer of 2010 had completely washed away. 2010, probably the best summer of my teen/older kid years. just saying.
now for the stuff your looking for!! The Beatles....
So after the Stones kinda faded away from my obsession table (i still love the stones though), i slowly got into some other music. (all in the classic rock world, of course.) like...usually if i had to say, 70s music is most of the stuffid listen to, but then i got into some more 60s. like the zombies, and the animals and what not. it was a slow appeal to the 60s decade.
Now, one day I was shopping with my mom at the mall, and im one of those kids who would much rather have their Magical Mystical Musical Device (3XMD) then there phone. So i was listening to some music when a beatles song popped up. I knew the Beatles were always a good band. If anyone ever asked me whether i liked them or not, i would say yeah theyre great, but know nothing about them. (Just because there in that oldies style that i love) i knew all the hits, and that was about it. So the song that probably popped up that day, i think it was "your gonna lose that girl". and i was admiring the harmonies, the music, the singing. it was such a great song! and although i only had maybe ten songs at most on my 3XMD, i listened to them all, over and over and over again.
The next couple of weeks i was on a search mode. I was almost searching for an obsession now that i look back on it. I was expirementing with different decades of music. 60s, 70s...80s? i couldnt tell which would suit me best, but i continued to search. I had loved the feeling of having so much dedication to one band, that i wanted to feel that again. Something ten times stronger too! I was in my room, and i had took some CDs out of my brothers room, and i had stumbled upon Abbey Road. Some more Beatles, I had thought. Not bad, i liked it. So i threw it into my stero thing and blased it up. As i listened to the songs (some i knew) i studied the cover. I knew there was a paul, john and ringo. (at the time i didnt know george's name. sorry georgie! dont worry, i make up for it in the long run!) but i had no idea which was which on the cover. except for paul. i had seemed to find that paul was the shoeless one. i dont really recall how, maybe a unconcious thing, or from comparing pics, but i think it was more of a feeling. I took the album down to my dad and told him to tell me which was which.
"Thats George, Paul, Ringo, and John."
Alright, simple enough. I went back upstairs, perhaps finished the CD, and never gave it a second thought. At the time, i guess somehow it didnt pass my inspection. Yet.

It was just another night. In my room, probably writing like usual, when my dad called me downstairs. "Jennifer! Come see this! your gonna love it!" I had always loved my dads taste so of course i scurried down the stairs to see him. He was watching a vantriliquist dude. Who apparently had just did this hilarious cowboy puppet. And guess who his next puppet was?
Hyphen. And whatd it stand for? Lennon HYPHEN McCartney. (L/M) haha, my dad got a laugh from it and i laughed too, just cause. he did this parody of two beatles songs. Hey Crude(after the oil spill in the gulf of mexico) and Octomama (after all the kids these moms decide to have to get supported from the govt.) ha, funny. i liked it. but i also went to bed not long after.

That night I had a dream. I had a funny, wierd dream that my grandfather was Paul McCartney. They had only mentioned McCartney once during that show, so somehow that word must have stuck. I remember it being a fun dream, a long dream....a great dream! The next day i went online and looked up Paul McCartney. To see multiple pictures of this man i had a dream about.
BAM! Insta love!
Just by seeing his pictures i instantly loved paul! Like crazy. and it was a quick development after that. I searched them online, i watched interviews, listened to their music. it was basically a revelation for the obsession that i still have today.
With that, i started school off as a beatlemaniac. You may be wondering why the same thing that happened with the stones didnt happen yet to me. Well thats cause the next thing that came to be was Shred! (who also did one of these stories called "Supplementing Shred") the first five words i asked her was "Is your last name Lennon?" Something that neither of us could forget. We ended up becoming friends because she was listening to the rolling stones at the time (all durning theatre class), and since i had an obsession with the stones not too long ago, i had completely appreicated her taste! I told her about thebeatles, which she already knew about, but like me before hand, was never too into. I ended up bringing her full circle into a beatlemaniac, and now she is my best friend!!! right shred? haha :D so this time, with the beatles, i had someone to "fangirl" with about them! it was great! we helped each other during rough times and stayed close. now that another year has come we still are going on with this beatles thing! and i hope it never stops!

And so thats my Beatle Story. In simple words, I basically went from stones, to a on and off zone, to a beatles revelation! and thats another huge reason why paul is my favorite! he is the one that came to me in my dreams and the one i just had a great feeling about. thanks for reading this guys! if you have any questions, askk mee :D lovee you all!!!


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