Wishing on a Star(kid) A Starkid Story :)

Hello all :) This is my first story, gasps I hope it's not too awful, please tell me what you think, and feel free to add your character description and I might add one or two of you :D

Geena is one of my main inspirations, read her story here, you wont regret it :) : http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/euRvOrv/How-I-Became-A-StarKid?story_chapter=1

Well thats all for now, happy reading!

Chapter 1

What started as an innocent game of spin the bottle....

"Let's play spin the bottle!" Nick calls out over the noise in the apartment we were all in.

"YES!" Meredith sings, fist pumping as we sat down in a circle on the living room floor.

"Who's first?" Darren cooes, leaning foward to start the bottle spining.

It finally stops and lands on Darren

"Me, I am." He concludes.

He turns it again, much harder this time, and it comes to a stop pointing to Geena. I crack up laughing, knowing she has a HUGE crush on Darren. She starts blushing, and I notice he is too

"C'mon guys we dont have all night!" Joey whines

"Um, actually we do." I point out.

"Oh shush Maddie!" He laughs, throwing a pillow at me.

I stick my tongue out at him just as Darren and Geena started kissing. JoMo wolf whistles, and the rest of us oooh like 5 year olds. They don't seem to be breaking apart anytime soon, so we continue on with the game.

After a few turns, (and Darren and Geena had finally stopped making out,) Meredith and Dylan had kissed, Matt had kissed his brother Nick (on the cheek), Tyler and Lauren, Devin and Brosenthal, and Julia and Brolden had also kissed.

"Okay, last time." Nick announces, as the bottle stopped facing me.

"Whoopdifreakingdoo." I sing sarcastically, starting the bottle spinning again.

It slowly grinds to a halt pointing to...


CLIFFHANGER! Jokes, Im not that mean...

Joe Walker, one of my closest friends, who I have been madly in love with since we met 3 years ago at UofM.

"Fine." I sigh, trying to sound as calm as possible.

I crawl over to where he is sitting on the other side of the circle and kneel in front of him.

"Here goes nothing." he laughs, before leaning in towards me.

Tingles cover my entire body, and I can feel a warm buzz where his hands are on my waist.

After a few (long) moments we break apart, our foreheads still touching.

"Woah." He bereathes quietly so no one else can hear

I can't take it.

I pull away and run out the door, leaving everyone staring after me.


Taa daa! Well I hope y'all like it!

Hugs and butterfly kisses,
Maddie :) xxx

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