Turning Quibblo Around

Chapter 1

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by: _Ripple_
Se lately there's been all these people writing about how Quibblo just doesn't feel the same anymore. I've read about it and generally agreed, but at this very moment I'm really feeling it.The word "quitting" occurred to me, but only for a moment. I've promised you I won't quit until I have no friends left on this website, and no one who cares about me here. No. This place is still a home for me, and I still have many friends.

So...I think we should actually do something to lighten the mood. Bring Quibblo back to how it used to be, in the good old days...Remember them?
I was thinking... What's been the biggest change to Quibblo recently, and the answer was, of course, the story feature. I know people wrote stories before the story feature was added, but they were much less common and generally much shorter. Stories take a lot longer to read than Quizzes, which means they can build up in your inbox and cause a lot of stress. Of course, I don't think we should stop posting stories! But I thought... Maybe we could have a day each week where we DON'T post any stories. Instead, everyone who reads this (and remembers it :P ) can make a quiz. Something funny and random, something that will make others smile and forget their worries for a little while.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading the stories you guys put up here. But these days, almost every invite I get is a story. No one makes those funny, weird quizzes anymore! I know this may not be the problem at all, and if so it is only a small part of the problem, but I think we should give it a go anyway.

So...What do you say? I was thinking every Saturday? Saturday wherever you are, because I know we're all spread out over different continents. If I get general agreement, I'll re-post this every late each Thursday (which will be around early on Friday for a a lot of people) as a reminder.

Okay...Thanks for reading :D
I hope we get to return to normal soon...

Bye for now.

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