Song of the Wolves (contest entry)

This story is for a Halloween Contest Entry. I hope you like reading it. :)

Chapter 1

The Curse

"Can't stop," I thought. I gasped for another breath of air. "Keep going!"
My legs seemed to fly across the pavement. I raced through the street, dodging cars and people in my way. My mind was focused on one thing and one thing only; I needed to get home before it happens again.
My breath came in long, heavy gasps. My heart pounded in my ears blocking out the honking of car horns and people yelling at me to slow down. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me and ignored all pain or discomfort I felt from running so much.
I was nearing my house as I rounded the corner on Smith Street and turned onto Brooks Lane. The closer I got, the faster I went. My breathing grew even more rapid and the pounding sound in my ears increased. I was almost there! I was going to make it!
My house was literally within five steps of me when it happened. The melody of the song, sweet yet fierce, hit my ears. I covered my head and screamed hoping that somehow the song could be tuned out. There was no hiding from the song though. The melody continued, playing strongly in my head. The more I resisted it, the more rapid it became.
Then came the horrible transformation. Pain flashed through my body. It started at my legs then slowly worked it's way up. The pain paralyzed me and caused me to fall to the ground. I felt my spine curve and my body shrinking. I looked down at my arms to see the thick, brown fur starting to emerge. My blue eyes turned to a gold. My screams turned into whimpering. Then everything just stopped.
I staggered onto my feet. I realized I was in my house now with my mother crouched beside me, gently stroking my head. My clothes were sitting in a little heap next to me. I peered over at my clothes and then looked back at my furry body.
"Are you alright?" my mother asked in a soothing voice. She continued to rub my head.
I opened my mouth to speak but all that came out was a bark. I quickly snapped my jaw shut. I had forgotten I could no longer speak.
Mother smiled. "I'll just take that as a yes." Her face then grew stern and she removed her hand from my head. "That was a close one Niko. If I had not dragged you in here, somebody could have seen. You were on the ground screaming your head off, which made the whole block take notice to you."
I cocked my head. I did not even feel Mother drag me in the house. The transformation process must numb my senses more than I realized.
Mother put a hand on my back. "Look son, I know this is hard for you. That God awful curse is the reason your father finally went off the edge."
My tail drooped at the thought of my father. It had been five years since he took his life, yet I still missed him like it happened only yesterday.
"You must overcome this though Niko," Mother continued. "I'll always be here for you. But you must always make it home at least an hour before sunset. If anyone finds out about this, who knows what will happen."
I nodded. I understood all this and Mother had told me it a thousand times before.
Mother sighed and stood up. "Alright, now go into your room. I almost have dinner ready."
I bowed my head and sulked down the hallway into my room. I pushed the door shut with my nose. I hopped onto the bed and stared longingly out the window. Through the window I saw the lights of the city and cars zooming by. The sun was almost done setting. The sky was partly pink with some orange mixed in. I watched as the last part of the sun slowly faded into the clouds. The pink and orange colors disappeared with the sun and the sky turned to a brilliant dark blue.
Nightlife seemed so wonderful and exciting to me. I had never been able to go outside at night because I had always turned into a wolf. God knows how many sleepovers, school dances and other fun things I had to give up because of my curse. The whole thing just made me furious. Teenagers were supposed to experience things; instead I was caged up in my house.
My anger soon turned to sorrow. I looked up at the sky to see a full moon. The moon was full and beautiful that night. It was such a contrast to the vast, empty nighttime sky that surrounded it. There was not even a single star out, but it was hard to see many stars from the city anyway. There was only the moon. The moon was not afraid to be alone it seemed and it continued to shine brightly.
I felt a surge of energy course through my body. A rumble arose from the pit of my stomach and crept up my throat. My lips curled into an O shape. A new sound escaped my lips. The sound was a soft and sad howl. It told of my longing to be free and the feeling of utter loneliness.
I closed my eyes and sang to the moon. My song remained quiet but constant. I let my soul go into the song. A strange sense of happiness and relief flooded my body. I felt the loneliness and sorrow slowly starting to lift.
Then out of nowhere came a loud bang. I quit howling and whirled around to see where the sound came from. Mother came storming into my room. She grabbed the scruff of my neck and pulled me off the bed. I was too shocked to protest with her. Mother then closed the blinds to my room so I no longer could see outside.
"Niko, do not ever howl! Someone could hear you!" she shouted. "And stay off the bed and keep your curtains closed! Don't you have any sense at all?!"
I really wished I could have talked then. I suppose I could have given a growl or bared my teeth but instead I just stood there.
Mother pointed to the door, "Dinner's ready now Niko. Go out to the kitchen and be quiet!"
I tucked my tail between my legs and laid my ears flat against my head. I made my way out to the kitchen. There waiting for me was a bowl on the kitchen floor. It was filled with steak. I always had meat for dinner, which I loved. The only down side was I was not allowed to eat at the table. Mother did not like fur on the chairs.
Mother soon came into the kitchen and ate her dinner as well. We both ate in silence for awhile. I finished my food first and carried my bowl in my mouth. I stood on my hind legs and dropped it on the counter next to the sink.
I then trotted back into my bedroom. I laid on the bed and stared at the window. The curtains blocked my view of the outside world. I gave a low growl and snapped the air in frustration.
"It's just not fair!" I thought. "Why do I have to have this horrible curse? What did my father or I do to deserve it?!"
I sighed and curled up into a tight little ball. I felt warm and secure in that position. I then allowed my eyes to close. I imagined myself running outside as a wolf. I was deep in the thick, beautiful forest. I could run for miles and miles on end. The moon shown brightly in the sky and I could howl as loud as I wanted to the moon. The thought gave me pleasure. The tension left my body letting me to drift off in a peaceful, dreamless slumber.

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