Idk what to call this story....

hi this is a story i made up during the boring 45 minutes of study hall i have.... lol anyway rate, comment,

and suggestion/critizism(spelling) is greatly appriecitated (again spelling)

Brie :D

Chapter 1


Before the Trees of Argessi were cut down, burned, and left to die. We were free, we did what we wanted, we celebrated, we danced, we laughed, we sang, and our lives were plentiful and good.
One day, new people rode across the horizon. Shabby were there clothes and they had little or no food. We welcomed them with open arms and helped them. We taught them, not everything we knew, but enough to live on.

We also said "The most important rule is one you should always live by. Live with nature. Don't ever hurt it for if you do Mother Nature will inflict such horrors upon you, you will loose sight of what is good in this world."

Many centuries passed without any sorrows, until a group of humans decided that they are superior to everyone and everything out there. We knew that this day would come, so before they could do anything we stripped them of the knowledge we had taught them.
That group of humans was forced to relearn everything. Somehow after hundreds and thousands of years they did; but instead of living with nature they were destroying it.
We fought but because much of the nature was gone out powers were greatly reduced. So we fled watching helplessly as they cut down and burned our homes and cities.
Many millenniums have passed; we are still here, though we are only a few.
We are waiting, biding our time until the prophecy comes true.

rate and comment
critizism and suggestions are greatly apprieciated

Brie :D

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