This is an original story. I hope you guys like it. It may be an epic fail though.
But I appreciate any commenst whether they praise or make fun. I just want to know what people think!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Harper_
We stood in the sun shielding their eyes from its harsh glare. The deserts of Egypt were cruel and unforgiving places if you weren't prepared. We thankfully knew what to expect.
"Do you think she will show up?" She asked nervously. Anne Marie started twirling a lock of curly red hair around her index finger like she always does when she is anxious. A short girl with raven black hair pulled into a ponytail directed her baby blues through the lenses of a pair of binoculars. Her shoulders tensed.
"Look! There she actually came! She is the one after all!!" Claire declared excitedly. A blonde girl yanked the binoculars from her grip and stared in the general direction Claire had aimed at. She nodded seriously.
"That has to be her. Who else could it be! I am going to go scope it out." Lacy set the binoculars down on the ground and she was gone. In her place sat a large grayish brown peregrine falcon. She soared off into the distance and hovered around the dark haired girl.


"Where are they!" I mutterd to myself. A falcon was swooping in the sky. Something wasn't right. I closed my eyes and ifelt my other senses heighten. I focused on the sounds. There, I pin pointed voices. They were in the distance. I opened my eyes. I could see them clearly now. The falcon above my head was circling closer and closer. Then, it vanished from the sky. A hand stretched out to touch my shoulder. I whirled around in the blink of an eye and had the preety blonde girls arm twisted backwards. She started swearing.
"It is you. I thought it was. Why elese would you be in the middle of the desert. So have you decided?" She asked me cautiousky. I still had her arm in a death grip. I slowly loosened my grasp.
"I'm in."

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